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Apr, 2020

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Vietnam tourist visa

Vietnam tourist visa

By Vietnamvisavoa

Vietnam tourist visa (categorized as DL) permits its holder to enter and stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 90 days (single or multiple entry) under the purpose of travelling or visiting Vietnam for leisure.  


Who need a Vietnam tourist visa when travelling to Vietnam for tourism?


All  citizens are not eligible for Vietnam visa exemption, shall be required to apply for a short-term Vietnam tourist visa.


Type and Validity of tourist visa


Visa type


1 month single

30 days

1 month multiple

30 days

3 month single

90 days

3 month multiple

90 days

6 month multiple (only for US citizens)

180 days

1 year multiple (only for US citizens)

360 days


Vietnam tourist visa is divided into single or multiple entries. Single entry visa is permitted you to enter Vietnam only one time and it is automatically expired once you leave Vietnam. While, obtaining a multiple entry tourist visa offers frequent travelers a chance to go back and forth Vietnam during your visa validity.


Validity of tourist visa


Vietnam visa validity is the period which a visa can be used to enter Vietnam. The period of stay commences from tentative arrival date on the visa application form to expired date as displayed on your visa stamp.


At the present time (as of 2018), the validity of tourist visa includes:


• 1 month tourist visa

• 3 month tourist visa

• 6 month tourist visa (* only for US citizens)

• 1 year tourist visa  (* only for US citizens)


In case travelers want to stay in Vietnam longer, they can extend the visa for 1 or 3 more months.



How to get tourist Vietnam visa


There are some ways for you to get this visa, we will introduce them as long as their procedure in detail below:


Option 1: Vietnam visa on arrival


This is considered as the easiest way to get tourist Vietnam visa because you can apply for it at home online instead of coming to the Vietnam Embassy as before. The application process is quite straightforward and you can easily carry it our by follow every step as below.


 ► Click apply online button on our website and fill out the form. If you are not sure how to do it properly, you can refer to the instruction on filling the visa application form  


 ► Make online payment. There are many methods for you to use including Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer.


 ► Check email to receive Vietnam visa approval letter after 2 workinhg days (normal service) or 1 day/ 4 hours/ 1hour (rush service) & print it out.


 ► Show your visa approval letter, passport and 2 passport sized photos to get your Vietnam tourist visa stamped & then enter Vietnam.



Option 2: Vietnam Embassy 


While option 1 takes advantage of online technology, option 2 is the traditional way. If you choose this method, you have to find the nearest Vietnam Embassy in your place. Then, you come here to make direct application for tourist Vietnam visa. This option will take longer time, more steps, or even money in some cases, therefore, you should consider carefully before selecting it.


However, if you are worried about some accidental errors of the online visa application process, this option will help you to make sure your application submitted and paid exactly. Although you have to spend much time on getting tourist visa directly at the embassy, it will be fine if you have free time and want to have the best preparation before entering in Vietnam.


Option 3: Vienam Evisa

This type of visa is granted by Vietnam Immigration Department which is eligible for citizens from 80 countries.


E-visa is a perfect choice for those who want to stay in Vietnam within 30 days for tourism purpose.


How to apply for Vietnam E-visa


Fee of Vietnam tourist visa


The tourist visa fee varies according to which method you choose. 

Vietnam visa on arrival

When it comes to Vietnam visa on arrival, there are two mandatory fees including visa service fee and stamping fee. 

Specifically, the visa service fee is paid for a visa (travel) agency to obtain a visa approval letter before your trip to Vietnam. This fee is slightly different from this agency to the another. Besides, it is also changed according to type of visa, processing time and nationality of applicant.

For the visa stamping fee, it is paid in cash to the Immigration Officer in order to get visa stamped in your passport at the Vietnam airport. As of now, it costs 25usd for 1 or 3 month single entry, 50usd for 1 or 3 month multiple entry. 

Vietnam Embassy/Consulate

The fee is not the same to all Vietnam Embassies. In other words, each the Embassy has its own price to process a tourist visa. Therefore, to know exactly how much your visa costs, you are advised to contact the Vietnam Embassy in your country or the country you are residing or staying. 

Vietnam E-visa

For Vietnam E-visa, applicants pay only $25 USD online for 01 month single entry visa. No other fee is charged upon your arrival. 

However, keep in mind that visa fee is not refundable under any circumstances. 



Processing time 


Processing time is different according to the way you select to apply for a Vietnam visa. You can see the difference in the time-frame in the table below:


Visa on arrival

Visa at Vietnam Embassy


• Standard processing time: 2 business days

• Urgent processing time: 01 business day or 2 – 4 working hours

• 5 to 7 business days as usual  


• 3 business days

No urgency is available


Note: Citizens from some restricted countries are advised to wait from 7-10 business day as their processing time.


Important notes for getting Vietnam tourist visa:


  • Make sure that your passport has at least 6 month validity since your arrival date to Vietnam.
  • Double check all visa information before submitted, visa approval letter after received or visa stamp after you get it from the Vietnam Embassy.
  • Visa should be applied as soon as possible or at least 1 week in advance before your estimated departure date to avoid any unwanted problems. For nationals in the list of restricted countries to Vietnam, it is highly advised to obtain visa before booking flight, hotel or tour.

Some frequently asked questions on Vietnam tourist visa


1) Can I extend my Vietnam visit visa?

Yes, you can . If you wish to stay longer in Vietnam to explore, you can extend your tourist visa for 1 or 3 months. The process of visa extension is so easy, you just need to send your original passport to your visa agency, then wait for 05 – 07 working days to get your visa extended.

2) Does Vietnam visa require passport photo?

Yes. But it is highly recommended to prepare 02 passport-sized photos (4x6cm) to present at the airport upon arrival. One photo should be glued on the Vietnamese visa application form. Make sure that you take the photos of 6 months taken recently with a white background. For further details, please see Vietnam visa photo requirement. 

3) Can I get  1 year tourist visa?

Currently 1 year tourist visa is only granted to US passport holders. Citizens from other countries are allowed to obtain a 3 month tourist visa as the maximum of staying period for tourism purpose.



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