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Mar, 2019

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Step by step instruction on filling Vietnam visa application form at

Step by step instruction on filling Vietnam visa application form at

By Vivian Lin

Filling in Vietnam visa application form seems to be simple. Yet, applicants frequently make dumb mistake. How to fill in Vietnam visa application form correctly ?


When it comes to procedure of Vietnam visa on arrival, the first step is to fill out and submit the Vietnam visa application form. It appears that filling up this form is super simple and easy to complete, but some mistakes still bring applicant into big trouble with her or his visa nevertheless. To completely secure Vietnam visa, make sure that customers understand correctly and mindful enough to all information in the application form.


There are three information sections are separately divided into as bellows:


1. Vietnam visa information


  • Visa type: 1 month single/multiple/3 month single/multiple, 6 month/12 month multiple
  • Purpose: Tourist/Business
  • Entry date: dd/mm/yy
  • Exit date: dd/mm/yy
  • Arrival airport: Noi Bai/Tan Son Nhat/ Da Nang/Nha Trang
  • Processing time: Normal/Urgent


* Entry date: Exact entry date is not strictly requested, you can enter a tentative arrival date in your Vietnam visa application form. Just keep in mind that the estimated entry date will be marked as your visa validity or your visa becomes valid since this date.


* Arrival airport: Visa applicant is entitled to pick up his/her visa at any International Airports of Vietnam where he or she enters, no matter of which airport is filled out and submitted in the visa application form.


*Processing time:


  • Tourist visa: Normal processing refers to 2 working days and Urgent processing refers to 1 working day/4 working hour/2 working hour
  • Business visa: Normal processing refers to 5-7 working days and Urgent processing refers to 2 working days/3 working days


2. Applicant information


  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Gender


* All application information correctly matches as they are indicated in applicant’s passport. The order of names can be reversed as long as all names must be fully presented as ones in his/her passport.


3. Other related information


  • Contact information: another email/phone number
  • Extra services: Fast track/Airport transfer/Hotel/Tour Booking


*Special request: In this section, if any applicant has any special note for his/her visa order, please bring it to our attention to assist you better.


4. How to submit Vietnam visa application form


There are 2 options: You either can:


- Submit online the visa application form here.




- Download Vietnam visa application form to your computer, fill in the form offline  and directly send to our email at


For Vietnam business visa request or Vietnam visa request from special nationalities such as: Ghanaian, Cameroon, Nigerian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Irani, etc (check list of special nationals), we would like to ask applicants to send a completed visa application form with their passport copy to our email.


Along with submitting Vietnam visa application form online to obtain a visa approval letter, visa applicant is also requested to submit another form named Vietnamese visa application form. Get instruction on how to fill in Vietnamese visa application form.


Still have questions on how to fill in application form for Vietnam visa? Contact us at:


Hotline: +84969255515 (Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat)

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