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Jul, 2019

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What is Vietnam visa run?

What is Vietnam visa run?

By Kim Clara

Vietnam visa run is a trip towards nearby countries with the purpose of extending your staying duration in Vietnam where you want to remain longer. Any foreigner who travel to Vietnam is given free-visa or visa stamp to legally stay in specific duration. But, when their visa is going to be expired soon, they must leave Vietnam to another country and that where Vietnam visa run comes out.


There are some main reasons why Vietnam visa run is preferred. With some travelers, they want to prolong their stay to get more insight about Vietnam. In the meantime, expats need more time to look for a job. Long term residents are expected to complete their Work Permit or Temporary Residence Card.


There are two approaches to do visa run which you exit and re-enter Vietnam via either land border or the airport. The first is more convenient and cheaper for you while visa run through the airport, it can be faster but more costly due to paying flight fares. You can absolutely come back Vietnam the same day if you choose not to stay abroad for a few days.


To apply for visa run, you must obtain a visa approval letter which should be ready before your exit to Vietnam Especially, the original visa letter must be in your hand if you do visa run via land border. When you come back to Vietnam, you need to submit the letter as well as Vietnamese visa application form, 2 passport-sized photos and stamping fee to get your visa stamped at the entry port you select. Afterward, you can enjoy another new visa validity to stay in Vietnam.


Although a visa run is not the ‘beloved’ thing, you can have fun with it somehow. Treat your visa run as a sort of vacation and spend that time to enjoy spectacular landscapes as well as amazing cuisines in the destination you chose.


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