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Mar, 2019

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Frequently asked question about Phu Quoc visa waiver

Frequently asked question about Phu Quoc visa waiver

By Vivian Lin

Foreign tourists who travel to Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam gets 30 days visa waiver. Still, there is much unclear information around this regulation

According to Vietnam visa regulation, foreigners who visit Phu Quoc Island will not need to apply for Vietnam visa as long as they stay less than 30 days. Still, there is much confusion on this matter. Let look at common questions raised by visitors:

Question 1: I am visiting Vietnam on 30 days tourist visa; do I need another Vietnam visa for visiting Phu Quoc Island?


Answer: You do not need another Vietnam visa for visiting Phu Quoc as your Vietnam visa already covers Phu Quoc Island. You are able to travel to any parts of Vietnam (except restricted zones) with a valid Vietnam visa. In case your Vietnam visa is about to expire and you want to prolong your stay, you must extend your Vietnam visa before its expiration.

Question 2: Is  Phu Quoc visa waiver applied for foreigners all over the world ? 

Answer: Yes, 30 days Vietnam visa waiver for Phu Quoc Island is granted for all nationalities in all over the world but do not forget to check up the eligible criteria mentioned above.

Question 3: Can I leave Phu Quoc Island for other destination in Vietnam if I do not have a Vietnam visa?

Answer: No you cannot. The 30 days visa exemption for Phu Quoc is for travelling inside of Phu Quoc Island only. If you want to travel to other parts of Vietnam, you must apply for a Vietnam visa at Phu Quoc Immigration Department.

Question 4: I get my Phu Quoc visa exemption, after Phu Quoc, I want to visit other parts in Vietnam, and what should I do?

Answer: You would contact to Immigration office in Phu Quoc and apply for a Vietnam visa, with that visa; you are eligible for leaving Phu Quoc and to discover other sites. 

Question 5: I am in Vietnam within 15 days Vietnam visa exemption and I want to visit Phu Quoc, can I just go to Phu Quoc and get another 30 days Phu Quoc visa waiver?

Answer: No you cannot get another 30 days Phu Quoc visa waiver as this is applied in case you are not in Vietnam yet. For your case, you must make sure that your 15 days exemption cover your full itinerary in Vietnam includes Phu Quoc Island. If the 15 days exemption is expiring soon, you should renew your Vietnam visa. 

Immigration Department in Phu Quoc Island


I have been keep searching for the address of Immigration office in Phu Quoc but in vain. Finally, I found it and here it is:
Immigration Department in Phu Quoc is located on 30th April Street which is in the corner of Mai Thi Hong Hanh and 30 thang 4 street. 
Working hours: From 9 a.m to 11:30 am and from 13:30 to 16:00
For further information about Phu Quoc visa waiver or any enquiries about Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam visa extension, hotel booking, tour package, feel free to contact our support team  at:
Hotline +84969255515
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