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Mar, 2019

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Common mistakes related to Vietnam visa approval letter

Common mistakes related to Vietnam visa approval letter

By Vivian Lin

Get Vietnam visa approval letter is just simple, still you should be careful not to make mistakes or else you will be refused to get on plane 

With the advent of visa on arrival (VOA), getting Vietnamese visa is now a hassle-free process. Foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam can apply for the visa on arrival anywhere and anytime they want. When the applications get accepted, applicants will receive a letter of approval – the vital document that allows them to get on plane and then to get their visas at Vietnam airport. 


However, it is the simple procedure of obtaining a visa on arrival that makes people less cautious during the application. In this article, we will name the most common mistakes and problems related to the letter of approval. Read it carefully and make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes. 


You can’t get the letter of approval on time


This could happen when your travel schedule changes and you suddenly need the approval letter before the appointed date. In this case, please ask your travel agency for help. You can ask them to check your visa status and see what can be done. The most important thing is to read the Vietnam visa guide carefully and follow the instruction for visa application closely. 


Letter of approval contains wrong information


Though the information you need to submit is simple, it also needs to be accurate and well-matched with the one stated on your passport. You should go through the application several times before making the payment and handing in. Since the likelihood of you making any mirror mistakes could happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

When you receive the letter of approval, carefully read the instructions and download it. Remember to double check the information for any error in your name, date of birth, passport number, and arrival date. If you find any, you should contact the visa agency as soon as possible to correct it. 


You lose the approval letter in the airplane


The worst case is you forget to bring the letter of approval with you to the airport. The second worst case is you lose the letter on board and only realize it after you are at the checking-point. Immigration staff at the checkpoint will not let you pass unless you can present the approval letter. Asking or explanation won’t be very much helpful in this situation, and you will be likely to ask for “extra money” to get a visa. 

In any case, you should always keep a copy of the approval letter on your mobile devices or smart phones. That way, even if you lose the printed letter, you still can show the copy of it on your phone. 

Sometimes the system at the airport hasn’t updated yet or immigration staffs won’t let you through without the approval letter. You can also contact the visa agency for instruction and instant support. All in all, everything could be avoided if you make sure all provided information is correct and bring the letter of approval to the airport. 


Arrival date


Bear in mind that the visa validity counts from proposed entry date on the approval letter. Some people don’t pay attention to this detail and end up being denied to enter Vietnam as travelling prior to that date. In order to avoid this trouble, you have to enter Vietnam on or after the entry date granted on the approval letter. More importantly, you also have to leave Vietnam before the visa expiration date. 


Visa approval letter at the Vietnam land border


Some travelers wrongly assumed that a copy of Vietnam visa approval letter is accepted to issue a visa stamp when they enter Vietnam via the airport or land border. Consequently, their mistaken understanding leads to their visa rejection at the land border as they are only able to show up a copy version of the visa letter (which is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department). In some worst cases, several travelers thought that regardless of the version of visa approval letter, it is also accepted when they go to Vietnam via land border. 

Therefore, if receiving an original version of visa approval letter is your challenge, you should obtain a visa in advance at the Vietnam Embassy when visiting Vietnam by road. 

To wrap up, it’s essential to closely follow the instruction to get the letter of approval. You should always double check the information before handing in your application and re-check the letter after receiving it. In any case, keep the letter in a plastic folder or small bag where you can find it easily. Also, keeping an extra version on your phone is recommended. If you have further questions or concerns about your letter of approval, don’t hesitate to contact the visa agency for supports.


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