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Jul, 2019

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Can I get Vietnam visa with Certificate of Identity?

Can I get Vietnam visa with Certificate of Identity?

By Kim Clara

According to the Article 10 of Vietnam Law on Immigration No. 47/2014/QH113 issued in June 2014, the condition to grant a Vietnam visa to foreigners is that they must hold a passport or an international travel document. Therefore, persons with Certificate of Identity cannot get Vietnam visa on arrival even though they get visa approval letters presented.


Furthermore, you won’t be exempted for Vietnam visa like those who brings original passports if the country on your Certificate of Identity is on Vietnam visa exemption list.


You should contact the Vietnam Embassy in your area in advance so that they will confirm for sure whether or not your document is accepted to apply for Vietnam visa. If yes, the official there will give you a full guidance on procedure and fee for getting your visa.


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