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Mar, 2020

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Vietnam business visa, DN visa for short, is issued for foreigners coming Vietnam for commerical, trading and business activities. For short term business visa, the validity period of Vietnam business visa is from 1 month or 3 months with single or multiple entry, starting from the date issued in the visa stamp.


02 legitimate ways to get a business visa

In term of the approach to get business visa, you can select one of two official and legitimate ways: Vietnam visa on arrival and visa applied through the Vietnam Embassy. For business purpose, most of travelers prefer to take the former way because this option is very fast and convenient, especially when they want their visa organized at the short notice. Check out urgent Vietnam visa 

Requirements for business visa in Vietnam

You should be eligible to get a business visa if you have to meet requirements in the followings: 
1. Passport is valid at least 6 months commenced from your arrival date
2.  At least 2 empty pages left on your passport for visa sticker and immigration stamp
If you have a company in Vietnam to sponsor you, there are addtional document to be submitted along as listed in the following:
(+) Business license: Notarized Business Registration of the sponsor company in Vietnam
(+) Introduction letter: A document written and signed from employer or sponsor, introducing the applicant and requesting a visa for the purpose of business
(+) NA2: This is formal letter of Invitation, which is approved by Vietnamese immigration. This is arranged by the sponsor
(+) NA16: Letter of introduction of the seal, signature of the authorized person at sponsor end.

How can you apply for Vietnam business visa?

For Visa on arrival: you just need to follow the procedure as bellows:
• Submit your visa application through this link or send us your passport copy to our email at with your tentative entry/exit date.
• Pay visa service fee through a secure link
• Receive the visa approval letter via email 3-5 working days 
• Present documents including Vietnam pre-approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form, 02 passport sized photos and stamping fee with your original passport at the Visa Counter to get visa stamped on your passport.
For Visa at the Embassy: you will set aside more time to make a visit the Vietnam Embassy in your country or the place where is nearest to you.
1. Visit Vietnam Embassy’s website to download visa application form; or make appointment.
2. Travel to the Vietnam Embassy Office to submit your visa application and other supporting documents including your original passport
3. Wait for your visa to be returned. In case you don’t have time to go there to pick up your visa and passport, just check with the Embassy if your visa can be delivered by post and courier. 

How long does it take to process it?

Regular cases, Vietnam Embassy will handle business visa with processing time from 5-7 working days as long as all of required documents are well-provided. There is no super urgent processing time like 2 or 4 working hours at the Embassy if you want to expedite such things. 
For visa on arrival, it should be faster and normally takes 3-5 working days for normal cases. However, the processing time varies according to the nationalities. One of the advantages of this method is that your visa can be quickly processed within several working hours. However, to save your trip and avoid any extra fee for rush processing, you should apply visa at least 2 weeks in advance prior to travel date.   

What are the fees for a business visa?


vietnam business visa fee

                                                              Business visa fee

Visa on arrival: Whenever you apply for business visa to Vietnam, you would need to pay for 2 kinds of fees: service fee and stamping fee.
Service fee: This is paid when you submit the visa request so that could work with Vietnam Immigration on your behalf to get a Vietnam visa approval letter granted.
Visa service fee differs per nationality, the fees in the table below are for regular nationalities only: 

Type of visa


Service fee

Single entry - 1 month

70 USD

Multiple entry -6 month

320 USD

Multiple entry - 1 month

75 USD

Single entry - 3 month

95 USD

Multiple entry - 3 month

110 USD

The table is for reference only. For more details, please click Vietnam visa fees
Stamping fee: This is paid in cash directly at Vietnam Airport in order to get Vietnam visa stamped on your passport.
Visa at the Embassy: Visa fee is different from this embassy to another. 

What business visa let you do


Holding a business visa, you are allowed to enter Vietnam for:  
• Take part in conference and meeting for business purpose
•  Setting up industrial/business venture
•  Performing sale/purchase/trade activities
•  Attending technical/business meetings
•  Recruiting manpower
•  Participating in exhibitions, business/trade fair

Different type of business visa 

When you are travelling to Vietnam for business purpose, there are some visa options to choose based on your duration and a number of entries. 
For the length of stay: 
• 1 month visa
• 3 month visa
• 6 month visa
• 1 year visa
For number of entries:
• Single entry
• Multiple entry
Single entry is allowed to enter Vietnam only one time while your visa is still valid. A multiple entry visa will let you travel to Vietnam at a time as many times as you wish while valid. See more the details the difference between single and multiple entry

Extension of business visa

In case the duration of stay cannot cover your business trip in Vietnam, you can do visa extension to prolong your visa validity. The expiry date of visa must be noted carefully. Within 3 to 5 days before your DN visa expires, you just need to contact with a local agency to extend Vietnamese business visa. Usually, the cost of visa extension is higher than that of getting a new visa.  
- If you acquire a business visa upon your arrival entry, you must get a visa approval letter in advance and travel Vietnam by airlines only. Entering by road or sea, you are required to pick up visa stamped on passport at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.
- A valid visa approval letter or visa sticker does not mean that you are guaranteed to enter Vietnam. A person can be denied to enter the country if the Vietnam Immigration Officers at the airport find any irrelevant information; fraud or deception related to your visa and other reasons that might be risky to the national security or Vietnamese citizens. 


Best trade fairs in Vietnam

Vietnam Expo: Annually in April
Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair: Annually in November
Viet Build International Exhibition:  Annually in September, November.

Further reading that you might be interested: Vietnam working visa

Vietnam work visa is granted for foreigners who tend to work in Vietnam. To issue work visa, a work permit is required and sponsored by a company you are employed. LD visa is usually issued with single or multiple entry and its validity is up to 1 year. A temporary residence card is also granted to replace LD visa to allow to stay up 3 years.  
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