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Mar, 2019

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Work permit for working in Vietnam

Work permit for working in Vietnam

By Vivian Lin

In order to work in Vietnam legally for  more than 3 month, one must apply for a Vietnam work permit. Let see, how to apply for Vietnam work permit.

Working in Vietnam is the choice of many foreigners because of a great source of available positions in multinational companies or being teachers in English teaching centres. Vietnam always welcomes Westerners or citizens of any countries to come here for work to make a vivid labour market and enhance the quality of Vietnamese businesses. However, foreigners need to prepare some documents to finish the procedure on the work permit. This is the compulsory requirement for any foreigners who want to build their career in Vietnam for a certain period of time. If you plan to come to Vietnam for a job offer, let’s take a look at the article below carefully to know how to get work permit successfully.

Requirements for the work permit

Work permit which is issued by the Department of Labor Vietnam is a paper has validity for an extended period of 24 months (2 years). Foreigners have to renew their work permit before it is expired 45 days. To obtain a work permit in Vietnam, you have to meet the following requirements:


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Health in good condition 
  • Free of any criminal record or a national security offence
  • Must be a specialist, manager or executive

However, citizens of some nations are exempt from getting Vietnam work permit and they can work in Vietnam with a business Vietnam visa as below:


  • Foreigners who enter Vietnam to work for no more than three (3) months or to resolve emergency cases. Emergency cases are described as complex technical or technological incidents that affect or threaten to affect business activities and products to which its gravity cannot be managed adequately by Vietnam-based personnel. Required information needs submitting are: their full name, passport number, nationality, job description and an employment contract copy indicating a period of no more than ninety (90) days to the Labor Department.
  • Members of a limited liability company having two or more members
  • Members of the board of directors of a shareholding company
  • Owners of a single-member limited liability company
  • Employees that promote and market services belonging to foreign service suppliers
  • Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice-certified practising lawyers

Procedure to get the work permit


To get a work permit in Vietnam, you need to submit certain documents as below:


  • Vietnam work permit Application form 
  • Health check certification
  • Criminal record 
  • University or higher degree
  • Working experience confirmation documents from former employers.
  • Copied passports 
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Employer’s Business certification
  • Approval document from Committee which allows the employer to use the foreign staff.

After present these documents, you have to pay the service fee of 320$ and waiting for 40 working days until your submission is processed. If your application is approved, you can work in Vietnam for 2 years and you have to do the same procedure to renew your work permit.

Procedures to change the information on the work permit


Within 2 years working in Vietnam, when you change your company or get promoted, you need to make these changes on your work permit. Therefore, you have to know what to do in these case. If you are meeting difficulties in changing some details on your work permit, let’s follow precisely the instructions below for each example:

If you want to change the name of employer, you have to prepare the application as below:


  • Your work permit
  • Former employer’s confirmation
  • Copy version of your new employer’s business registration
  • Your passport
  • Four 3x4cm photos.

If you want to change your title in the company, the application includes:


  • Your work permit
  • Former employer’s confirmation
  • Copy version of your new employer’s business registration
  • Your passport
  • Your degrees
  • Health check certification.

Besides, when you come to Vietnam to doing services sales activities, you don’t need to apply for the work permit. But you have to report all the information like your name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, work duration in Vietnam and details of activities in Vietnam. Don’t forget to send the report within 7 working days before arriving in Vietnam (by post, fax, etc.).

Vietnam is a developing country that opens for people all over the world to come here to contribute to its economy. For several years, foreigners have played an essential role in the development in many fields of Vietnam. Therefore, if you find a chance to work in Vietnam or want to move to another country to experience a new working environment, don’t hesitate to apply for Vietnam work permit. 

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