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Mar, 2019

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What to do when overstaying in Vietnam ?

What to do when overstaying in Vietnam ?

By Vivian Lin

What should you do for overstaying in Vietnam? The answer is that you  must pay fine for overstaying then do a Vietnam visa extension or leave Vietnam immidiately.

The visa expiration date is shown on the visa along with the visa issue date and the time between issue date and expiration date is called visa validity. Many foreigners who are living in Vietnam do not pay well attention to their own visa validity until leaving. And the problem is that they may overstay in Vietnam. The longer they overstay, the more complicated the procedure is and the higher penalty they need to pay for.


To leave Vietnam with an expired visa, it is prefferable for foreigners to contact visa agent in Vietnam as soon as possible so that the visa agent can act as a sponsor to deal with their problem on their behalf. When it comes to overstaying Vietnam visa, it is divided into 3 case and depending on each case you will have specific solution.


Case 1: If you overstay only 1 or 2 days, they can pay fine to the Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport when you exit the country.


Case 2: The Vietnam visa has already expired more than three days and they still want to stay in Vietnam with the expired visa, they should immediately contact to get Vietnam visa extension. The process of Vietnam visa extension takes a few days more and the minimum length of extension is one month.


For this situation, they have to pay two types of fee:


  • Fine for overstaying in Vientam
  • Extension fee/exit visa fee.The extension fee is paid in case they can get visa extension and exit visa fee in case they are forced to leave the country.


Case 3:  those who overstay in Vietnam for long period; maybe one month upward, the Vietnam Immigration Department may need to track their legal activity record of their staying period in Vietnam. It is advisable that they should not commit any crime or illegal action; the situation will be more complicated.


To avoid any trouble which may cause while traveling or existing Vietnam, all travelers should notice their Vietnam visa validity.


Further information about Vietnam visa, expired Vietnam visa and specific solutions for overstaying Vietnam visa, please kindly contact us at email or hotline +84 969 255 515.


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