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Jul, 2019

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Vietnam visa run to China

Vietnam visa run to China

By Kim Clara

To extend  the stay in Vietnam while Vietnam visa is going to expire, foreigners usually choose to do Vietnam visa run. From Hanoi, Chinese border crossing is a favorite option for getting a new Vietnam visa


Benefits of getting Vietnam visa run to China


The distance between China and Vietnam is an ideal condition for expats who live in Hanoi as well as the North of Vietnam. It takes only several hours to get China and there are a large number of daily buses you can easily get on for your trip. Moreover, because of its geographical location, foreigners can make visa run at airport without hassle and inexpensive cost.


Besides, China is attractive destination that every tourist willing to visit. Vietnam visa run to China is great opportunity for expats who want to discover the cultural and historical sites such as Forbidden City and Great Wall. Also, in there you may savor Chinese traditional food and buy some souvenirs for your loved. It will be not only an inexpensive way but also an unforgettable journey for visa running expats.


Procedure to get Vietnam visa run


Taking Vietnam visa run at border crossing and airport are two options for foreigners to renew Vietnam visa.


Getting Vietnam visa run at the border between China and Vietnam


Vietnam and China are two neighboring countries sharing land borders. Therefore, it is easy for expats to take a border crossing trip to China for visa run.

There are three major border points of Vietnam and China, you can refer for your trip:

  • Mong Cai – Dong Hung (Quang Ninh, Vietnam-China)
  • Lao Cai - Hekou (Lao Cai, Vietnam - China) 
  • Huu Nghi - Nanning (Lang Son - China)


Step 1: Obtain visa approval letter - a document that names you, your passport information and the visa type you will obtain as well as the validity of  the new Vietnam visa and bring its copy when you to exit Vietnam.


Step 2: At the Border point, you have to go to Vietnam check-in counter to get exit stamp which allow you to leave Vietnam. After that, you will go to China check-in counter to obtain an entrance stamp on your passport. If you are not required Chinese visa, you can enter China directly.


Step 3: After the time in China, you will leave China by getting exit stamp at the China check-out counter. It is crucial for you to check carefully all your documents for getting new Vietnam visa. At the border check in counter, you will be required to show them and pay visa stamping fee. After all, you can come back Vietnam with your new visa.


Getting Vietnam visa run at the airport (Visa on arrival)


Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport is simple way for visa running expats getting new Vietnam visa. You just need to prepare necessary documents including your original passport, 02 passport-size photos, visa approval letter and the stamping fee and present them for immigration offices at the airport.


Getting visa at the Vietnam Embassy in China


Apart from collecting Vietnam visa at land border and airport, foreigners can go to Vietnam Embassy in Shanghai, China.

Official address of Vietnam Embassy in Shanghai

  • Address:  3F, Huachen Financial Mansion, 900, Pudong Avenue 200135 Shanghai
  • Phone:     (+86) 21 6855 5871
  • Fax:           (+86) 21 6855 5873

To apply for a Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in China, you will need to:

  • Submit your completed visa application
  • Submit original passport which must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Visa fees
  • 02 passport-sized photos


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