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May, 2020

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By Thao Le

Many foreigner tourists in Vietnam are in a panic while their visa is expiring during the covid-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, there are some fake visa agencies taking this advantage by providing the unapproved or unacceptable visa extension. In this article, we will give you some useful hacks to figure out a reliable visa agency that you can deal with.


Search and Review

By joining Visa Groups on Facebook, you will be flooded with a ton of posts related to visa extension; and a number of visa agencies referred by other group members as well. Also thoroughly read around through comments and reviews about them to assess that their service is trustworthy. 


This can help you to sort out some potential reliable agencies that can be of your visa assistance. 


Identify how long the visa agency has been doing visa business


 A visa agency is unable to survive for a long time if they don’t provide good service. With having a long-year experience in visa industry, the agency is well-equipped with strong skills and capacity in handling your visa extension. 

Therefore, identifying when a visa agency established and how long it has been operating in visa market is one of essential things you need to do. 


Verify their office address


You should not use an agency that you cannot verify their office location. Just in case you have any problem with your visa extension, you can directly go to their office to solve it instead of online.  How to find this address? Ask them about their office address or look for it at ABOUT US / FOOTER/HEADER section in their website. If their address is hidden or ambiguous, you should not consider that agency to apply for your visa extension.


Check for the update on their website or social media platforms


Another tip to find a reliable visa agency is to check if their posts are frequently updated on their website or another social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This trait indicates that they are still an operating business. If you just find their post infrequent, they are not current and should be avoided. 


Be wary of the lowest price

It’s undeniable that a low price of visa extension is always attractive, however it should not be your first consideration in choosing a visa agency.

Be assured that the value of cost always goes with the quality of service. You will pay for what you get. Realistically, some agencies show a very tempting price online, but they will increase the price by adding another fees. In other scenarios, some fail to get your visa extension approved with their lowest rate as offered. So buyer beware!

Test agent’s attitude to their clients

A reliable visa agency has positive attitudes forward their clients. To test it, just make a phone call to them or have a conversation with them via chat box on their website. If possible, you can go to meet them in person at their office. Pay close attention not only the way that agent respond but also at what is going around their office. Does your prospective agency take time to talk with you and focus on helping you? Or are they concerned more about money than your visa extension case.

A reliable visa agency not only answers your questions but also brings you a sense of trust while working with them. 


Find out how they react to problem

Last but not least, you are only know for sure that the visa agency is promise keeper is to see what happens if any problem will occur. For example, when you get an incorrect period of visa extension, what does the agency react? See, a reliable agent takes a full responsibility to settle down this problem on their own cost or you are compensated with the amount of money for their mistake.  If that agent just leaves you hanging or do nothing more than blame everything on the Immigration Officer, obviously never use their service again.


Overall, we hope that these 7 tips will help you to narrow down your choice. Be wise and smart to entrust your money to a right visa agency. If your agency doesn’t work out for some reasons, we’d love to be considered.

Stay well and safe!

Vietnamvisavoa Team



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