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Dec, 2019

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How to fill in Vietnamese visa application form (N1)

How to fill in Vietnamese visa application form (N1)

By Helena Nguyen

Are you heading to Vietnam soon? And wonder which essential document you need to prepare and submit at the Vietnam airport when travelling to Vietnam. In this section, we will walk you through how to complete the Vietnamese visa application form without any stress and hustle.


What is the Vietnamese visa application form?

Vietnamese visa application form is one of must-be visa document shown at the airport if you wish to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival. This form is formally known as Vietnam Entry and Exit Form (N1).


Where to find this form?

You can download this form at here or easily find it on the Internet. Also, we will attach it along with your visa approval letter by email. In case you miss a chance to sort it out in advance before flying to Vietnam, you still get a Vietnamese visa application and fill it out on your airplane or at Visa Counter. Please kindly submit this form and your visa approval letter to the Immigration Officer to have a visa sticker on your passport.


How to fill in this Vietnamese visa application form?

1. Full name: written in CAPITAL and exactly matches with those shown on your passport

2. Sex: male (M) or female (F) corresponding to the gender in your passport

3. Date of birth: write your date of birth in the order: DD/MM/YY. Eg: 10, July, 1988

4. Place of birth: city and country in your passport

5. Nationality at birth: write your original national

6. Current nationality: Write your passport’s nationality

7. Religion: Put on your religion or fill in “NONE” if you are not belong to any religious group

8. Occupation: fill out your current job

9. Employer and business address: might leave in blank or fill it out

10. Permanent residential address: Your address in your home country and your phone number along.

11. Family members: list down one or two family members (parents, spouse, children, close relatives) with their details such as full name, sex, date of birth, nationality and permanent residential address. This is for purpose of recording by the Vietnam Immigration Department in case of emergency.  

12. Passport or International Travel Document number:

Issuing authority:  Specify the authority that issued the passport and the issuing place

Expiry date:  provide an expiated date of your passport with the date order: DD/MM/YY

13. Date of the previous entry into Viet Nam (if any): write previous entry date if you ever visited Vietnam before, otherwise just blank it.

14. Intended date of entry: write the date you intend to visit Vietnam and your desired length of stay.

15. Purpose of entry: write purpose of your entry according to type of visa granted on your visa approval letter

16. Intended temporary residential address in Viet Nam: Name of address where you are temporarily staying in Vietnam (hotel address, friend or relatives’ house address)

17. Hosting organization/individual in Viet Nam: write down name of organization or individual who is hosting you in Vietnam. Or you can blank this section.

18. Accompanying child(ren) under 14 years old included in your passport (if any): If you are traveling with children under 14 years old, please fill in their details and attach their photo to the form. If you don’t have any children travelling with or child(ren) has own passport(s), you can leave it in blank.

19. Tick on the type of visa you apply for and the length of staying corresponding with your visa approval letter

20. Other requests (if any): Leave it blank if you don’t have any request.

•         For “Done at”: write down name of arrival airport at which you get visa stamped.

•         For “On“: enter the date that you check in at Vietnam airport.

After filling up this form, you will sign bellow as requested and submit it at the Immigration Department in the Vietnam airport.


What are other visa documents?

In addition of completing correctly your Vietnamese visa application form, in order to obtain a visa at the Vietnam airport, you need to travel with an original passport having 6 month validity, 01 passport sized photo glued on the Vietnamese visa application form, a copy of visa approval letter and stamping fee.


Need our help?

Do you want to skip out the filling Vietnamese visa application form? Book our Airport Fast track Assistance with Vietnamvisavoa, our staff at the airport will assist you to fill up this form instead. Otherwise, you can send a completed form to our email at, then our visa agent will check all of answers written down by you and correct if there are some mistakes.





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