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Mar, 2019

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Payment guidelines -

Payment guidelines -

By Vivian Lin

When you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, you would pay 2 fees: Service fee and Stamping fee. Service fee is paid online and stamping fee is paid in cash upon arrival.

You are applying for Vietnam visa on arrival at and you are wondering how would you make payment for your Vietnam visa request? As you may know, when you apply for Vietnam visa, you would need to pay 2 kinds of fees: Service fee and Stamping fee. Below is the guidance on how to make payment for Vietnam visa on arrival service.


Service fee:

Service fee is paid for in order to do all procedure related to your Vietnam visa request. We will work with Vietnam Immigration on your behalf in order to get a Vietnam visa approval letter issued. You will receive a copy Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department to get on plane.

Service fee would be varied depend upon your visa type, for more detail, please see (here). There are different payment modes for service fee. You can choose one of the options that are convenient for yourself.


1.1. Settle the payment online via PayPal (www.Paypal.Com) or Credit Card


If you have Credit Card or Paypal account, you are recommended to make payment for service fee via Paypal gateway. which is one of the most reliable International Money-Transfer Networks and it is widely used by worldwide customers. Using Paypal for safer, easier, quicker online transaction, especially, clients’ right will be guaranteed 100%.


Why Choose PayPal?


- Pay securely, credit card information not revealed
- Send money quickly and easily
- Accepted worldwide
- Easy to sign up, easy to use
- 100% protection from unauthorized payments
- 24/7h monitoring to help prevent fraud


How to use it?


Please select Paypal for payment methods at the last step of application to process payment or make payment later to our Paypal account:


- You are NOT required to provide us your Credit Card details


1.2. Settle the payment via Western UNION


If you would like to make payment through Western Union, simply let us know at: or +84969255515. Our support team will share with you detail for making payment via Western Union.


1.3. Settle payment to our bank account


In case you would like to make payment via bank transfer, this payment method is also available. We will share with you detail information about Bank Transfer.

Note:  If you are abroad, you would transfer the payment to our USD account. If you are in Vietnam or want somebody in Vietnam to make payment for you, simply choose our VND account.

After making your payment, please send us your receipt so that we can track your payment and process your Vietnam visa request.


1.4. Settle payment in cash


If you are based in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, we are pleased to welcome you to our office. You easily can pay for your Vietnam visa service in either USD or VND.


Stamping fee:


+ Stamping fee is paid directly to Immigration officer at Landing visa or Visa on arrival area at Vietnam Airport to get your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport. For stamping fee, you only have 01 option to make payment, pay stamping fee in USD in cash. Also, it is advisable that you pay the exact amount to Immigration officer.


Stamping fee for Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport:


- 1 month single entry: $25/Pax

- 1 month multiple entries: $50/Pax

- 3 months single entries: $25/Pax

- 3 months multiple entries: $50/Pax

- 6 months multiple entries: $95/Pax

- 1 year multiple entries: $135/Pax

In case you have any troubles or questions about payment guideline, just contact our support team at:

+ Email:

+ Hotline: +84969255515

We are always willing to assist you at any time. Submit your Vietnam visa now!


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