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Aug, 2019

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How Vietnam visa extension works in 2019

How Vietnam visa extension works in 2019

By Thu Nguyen

Foreigners once they are in Vietnam, they might need to prolong their stay for some reasons. In that case, Vietnam visa extension is a must. What to do in order to extend Vietnam visa?

To start, let us clarify different ways of extending Vietnam visa

1. To leave Vietnam and come back with a new Vietnam visa

In case you can manage to leave Vietnam for another neighboring country such as Cambodia, Thailand or Laos, you should extend your Vietnam visa in this way. It is also called Vietnam visa run which is applicable for both land border crossing and flight. In order to get Vietnam visa extension like this, firstly you must apply for a new Vietnam visa approval letter. If you come back by land, make sure that your Vietnam visa letter is issued by the time you leave Vietnam, as you must show the original of visa letter to Immigration at land border. If you travel by air, a copy of Vietnam visa approval letter is good enough. 
You also can submit your Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate while you are in neighboring countries however it normally takes longer time and costs higher fee. More details about Vietnam visa run at popular border gate between Vietnam and close by countries. 
Vietnam visa run to Laos (Cau Treo border)
Vietnam visa run to Cambodia (Moc Bai border)

2. To stay in Vietnam and get your Vietnam visa extended

If you are too busy with your work schedule or you don’t want to waste time travelling back and forth only to get your Vietnam visa extended, you can choose to stay in Vietnam while doing visa extension. Compare to Vietnam visa run, it saves your time and money in travelling, nevertheless, extension fee is usually much higher. 

When to extend your Vietnam visa?

Extension must be taken place by the time your Vietnam visa finishes and its process takes within 5-7 working days. Therefore, it is most recommended to submit your Vietnam visa extension within a week before expiration date. Extending your visa late might result in paying penalty for overstaying which costs 1,250,000 VND minimum. 
What are required documents to extend your Vietnam visa?
Depend upon your original Vietnam visa type, requirements might be different. For example, your original visa is a tourist one; you just need to hand in your original passport. If you obtained a business Vietnam visa through a sponsor company in Vietnam, when you extend your business visa, not only you present your passport, but also some documents signed and stamped by the company are required. 

What are steps of extending Vietnam visa?

Step 1:  Sending us a copy of your passport, current Vietnam visa page to us via email:, Online chat or Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat at: +84 969 255 515
 Step 2: Getting consultancy from our visa agent: What to prepare, when to submit document and fee. 
Step 3:  Deliver your passport and required documents (if any), make payment for Vietnam visa extension fee.
Step 4: Collect your passport back along with Vietnam visa extended. 
Notice: For diplomatic, official visas and other types of visa should be applied via the official agencies or government or business sponsor.



1. Extension and renewal are different 

Extension only let you to extend your stay in Vietnam. Leaving and come back to Vietnam on the extended visa is not allowed. If your plan is to travel to Vietnam back and forth, you should apply for a new Vietnam visa by doing visa run or asking for renewal.
Renewal visa might be good for single entry or multiple depend upon your request. When you require a renewal visa, not only you see an extended visa stamp but also a new Vietnam visa page on your passport. In case you get multiple entries renewal, you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam as many times as you wish during your visa validity. 

2. Maximum duration of extension 

Extension regulation may change from time to time. At the time of writing this post, a tourist Vietnam visa can be extended another 1 month only while a business visa can be extended to another 3 months.

3. Fee 

Vietnam visa extension fee changes from cases by cases depend upon: Your nationality, original visa type (1 month/ 3 month, single/ multiple), where it was issued and how long you want to extend. 

4. Don’t take any flight while your visa is extended/renewal

During your visa is extended/ renewal, your passport will be kept at Vietnam Immigration. Don’t take any flights during this time.


5. Don’t overstay in Vietnam

Vietnam Immigration policy becomes stricter these days. Minimum fine 1,250,000 VND is applied for those who overstay in Vietnam. If you plan to stay longer in Vietnam, do Vietnam visa extension or get Vietnam visa run within 01 week before visa expiration date.
Contact us at any time for any advice about getting new Vietnam visa, extending Vietnam visa/ Vietnam visa renewal. 
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