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Dec, 2019

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Extend & Renew Vietnam visa in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

Extend & Renew Vietnam visa in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

By Kim Clara


In recent years, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have become a social hub and a perfect place to work and enjoy life for many foreign expats in Vietnam. Typically, expats come to Vietnam with a 3-month visa to look for jobs and a chance to settle down. When their Vietnam visa is expired, it is necessary to extend the length of stay. This article will help you get a glimpse of Vietnam visa extension/ Vietnam visa renew in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Requirements for a Vietnam visa extension

First of all, your passport is still valid for visa to be extended and have at least a blank page for new stamp.

Secondly, you can only extend the length of stay up to 3 months in maximum

Notice: You want to extend your visa for other purposes than business and tourism, please have your visa extended via official agencies or Immigration Office

How to get your Vietnam visa extended or renewed in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh

Difference between Vietnam visa extension and Vietnam visa renewal

Please note that Vietnam visa extension is for prolong your stay inside of Vietnam within a fix period of time. If you leave Vietnam during that time, your Vietnam visa will no longer be valid. However, for Vietnam visa renewal, you can either get single or multiple entries. Basing on your need, you should ask for Vietnam visa renewal or Vietnam visa extension.

Please follow the instruction below to apply for Vietnam visa extension in Vietnam:

Step 1: Check your visa status and fees

You need to check the eligibility to apply for visa extension before proceeding further. Normally, the visa agent will ask you to provide the following information: nationality, your original Vietnam visa type, your date of entry, extension duration, and port of entry.

The information will help the visa agent to calculate the cost and see whether you are eligible for the visa extension.

Step 2: Collecting original passport

Once you know the price, you can decide to continue the visa extension or not. If you live in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, you can drop your original passport at our office. In case you are unable to visit our office, please provide us with your hotel/apartment address so that our staff will come to pick up your passport.

Step 3: Paying fee for Vietnam visa extension/ Vietnam visa renewal

When you do Vietnam visa extension or Vietnam visa renewal, you just need to pay for

Service fee once. This fee must be paid once your passport is collected. As you are in Vietnam, it is recommended to pay in cash or local bank transfer in Vietnam Dong or US Dollars.

Note: Vietnam visa extension fee/ renewal vary depend upon many factors: Which cities do you live, the original of your Vietnam visa, visa type you want to extend…etc

Step 4. Receiving your Vietnam visa extended/ Vietnam visa renewed

Your visa extension application will need at least 7 working days to be processed not including Saturday and Sunday. You can also ask for an urgent service, which will add up to your total service fee. Since the processing time is quite long, you should submit your application for the visa extension within one week before your Vietnam visa is expired.

If you ask for Vietnam visa extension, you will receive a small stamp which indicates your allowed period of stay in Vietnam. For Vietnam visa renewal, you will get an extra Vietnam visa page which mentions your Vietnam visa type: Single/ multiple entries, your new Vietnam visa expiration date.
In conclusion, if you want to prolong your stay in Vietnam without leaving the country, visa extension/ visa renewal is the perfect one for you. The service fee largely differs for each applicant due to the difference in nationality, port of entry, and length of stay.

In case, you would like to fly out of Vietnam and come back with a new Vietnam visa, simply submit for Vietnam visa on arrival at:

Need any assistance on getting Vietnam visa extension or Vietnam visa renewal, contact us at:
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