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Jul, 2019

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Vietnam visa on arrival vs Vietnam visa at Embassy for Pakistani

Vietnam visa on arrival vs Vietnam visa at Embassy for Pakistani

By Kim Clara

To apply Vietnam visa for Pakistani citizens, they can either apply for Vietnam visa on arrival or apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy. Let look at differences between these 2 ways and see which is better option for your case.




Vietnam visa on arrival for Pakistani

Vietnam visa at Embassy in Pakistan


Submit Vietnam visa request online by filling online application form or sending email to - So convenient!

Go directly to Vietnam Embassy and hand in paperwork, come back and collect Vietnam visa – It wastes of time!


Only the passport copy page, the expected entry/exit date for Vietnam trip

  • Original passport
  • Return flight ticket
  • Hotel booking
  • And other supplement documents

Applicable transportation

Valid for passengers travel to Vietnam by plane only in order to get Vietnam visa sticker at Vietnam airport

Valid for all type of transportations: By air, by land and by sea to Vietnam

Processing time

  • On normal basic: It takes within 5 working days
  • Urgent process: Just 3 working days

Only normal service: It takes up to 7 working days


Applicants only pay for the visa fee 2 times: Service fee and stamping fee. No other hidden fees

Visa stamping fee and other extra fees (visa approval arrangement fee, processing fee, shipping, handling…)


  • No need to send your original passport away
  • Simple online process
  • No interview with immigration officer.
  • Super convenient for those who live far from Vietnam Embassy
  • All fees clearly published
  • 24/7 live support at
  • Vietnam visa sticker is ready on the passport
  • Good for any means of transport to Vietnam
  • One-time payment for visa fee



  • Don’t receive Vietnam visa sticker till you are at Vietnam Airport
  • Queuing in front of Immigration Counter at arrival airports for stamping visa
  • Send original passport away
  • Travel a long way to submit visa request
  • Dealing directly with Embassy officers
  • Various visa fees and procedures at different Vietnam embassies


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