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Mar, 2020

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 An Overview of Vietnam Visa for Lebanese citizens

An Overview of Vietnam Visa for Lebanese citizens

By Vietnamvisavoa

Vietnam has beckoned foreigner visitors by the diversity of cultures, traditions and ethnic groups with its long history. Nowadays, Vietnam has become a popular destination for Lebanese travelers in particular and for those from Middle Eastern in general.


So what is the first thing to do prior to visiting Vietnam? The answer is obtaining Vietnam visa.

What an incredible thing is applying for Vietnam visa is simpler and quicker than in the past as you can get it easily on your arrival or apply visa to Vietnam through Vietnam Embassy in your place. Bellow, we will detail the procedures of getting Vietnam visa for Lebanese passport holders according to each approach.


02 accessible ways to get Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens

For Lebanese visitors who expect to get Vietnam visa, there are two legitimate methods to apply a visa for Vietnam as bellows:
02 ways to get Vietnam visa for Lebanese
1) Getting Vietnam visa on arrival
2) Applying Vietnam visa through Vietnam Embassy

Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens on arrival 


How Vietnam visa on arrival work

Visa on arrival is officially issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. This method is highly recommended once you wish to visit Vietnam. No need to send your original passport somewhere, all process and payment is done entirely online. Your visa approval letter is approved by Vietnam Immigration then you bring it to the airport to have a visa stamped. 
Note: Vietnam visa on arrival is valid for air travel only. If you come to Vietnam by border crossing on land or sea, you should apply for visa at Vietnam Embassy where you are staying or residing instead. 

How to apply with

• Send us your passport copy with prompt entry/exit date to our email:
• Double check your information via email confirmation then complete the payment
• Your visa request will be processed by Vietnam Immigration Department for 08 – 12 working days
• Get your Vietnam visa stamped at the airport by showing printed visa approval letter, application form, your passport sized phtotos and original passport. 

Document required

Foreigners applying for Vietnam visa shall prepare all dossiers as below to enter into Vietnam: 
Before heading to Vietnam: 
• Passport copy with the validity of at least 6 months, along with 02 blank pages left to get visa stamped
• Visa pages of some countries listed on your passport (if any)
• Flight ticket & hotel reservation
Upon arrival, you need to present lists of these documents at the airport to enter into Vietnam:
• Visa approval letter 
• Original passport
• Vietnamese visa application form
• Two passport-sized photos (4x6 cm) (a face straight forward, white background and no glasses)
• Stamping fee in cash changing upon types of entry you apply for

Visa fee

Holding Vietnam visa upon arrival, applicants are required to submit two types of visa fees: 
•         Visa service fee 
•         Visa stamping fee 
Visa service fee is transferred online before your departure while the second one is paid in cash at the airport upon your arrival.

To apply visa on arrival with, you can check visa service fee in the tables as bellows:


single entry (20-25 days) $110 $25
multiple entry (20-25 days) $140 $50


Remark:  Visa stamping fee is only accepted to pay in Cash (highly recommend to pay in USD), and No credit/debit card is allowed to pay for stamping fee. shall take no responsibility for any exceeding amount caused by the diffrence of exchange rates. 

Important information

• Visa on arrival is not applicable if you travel to Vietnam by land or sea 
• Obtaining a pre-approval letter is a must before landing to Vietnam. There is no rush service to get Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens
• Visa validity: the maximum duration of tourist visa is from 15 to 20 days and the visa must be used only on the date of issue
• You should double check your personal information on Vietnam visa letter to make sure no issues happen upon arrival. For example, imagine your flight to Vietnam at midnight, you must get into trouble such as being denied to get on board if the passport number on Vietnam approval letter and passport is not well-matched
• Your fee for Vietnam visa approval letter is not refunded once we submit your request to Vietnam Immigration Department 

Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy in Lebanon

At the moment, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in Lebanon, it is quite difficult for citizens of Lebanese to obtain Vietnam visa. For those who wish to get visa this way need to look up Vietnam Embassy in the nearest Lebanon.

Document required

The list of documents required for visa arrangement might vary depending on Vietnam Embassy / Consulate you wish to apply for. Here is just a minimum records of dossiers you should prepare: 
• Application Form at Vietnam Embassy 
• A passport (must be valid for 6 months at least )
• Some visa pages of countries showed on your passport
• Hotel and flight reservation 
•  Bank statement 
•  Company letter (if any)
• Two passport size (4x6 cm) photographs (no glass wear and should hold light background)
• Visa fees (In cash is you are applying in person. Else it must be money order or cashier’s check)
•  Prepaid self-addressed envelope if you want to get your passport returned via post

How to apply

You could apply yourself by email, by post or in person to get visa through Vietnam Embassy. What you need to do is submit the above-mentioned documents, after 05 – 07 business days, you will receive a full visa sticker on your passsport before your departure as one of its benefits. 

Visa fee

Applicable fee is not officially announced in public and it varies from each Vietnam Embassy to the another ; therefore, the ideal option is that you should get in touch with them in advance to ask about documents and fees required. Once submitting your visa application, you can pay it either in cash or by cashier’s check.

Common types of Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens 


1. 1 Tourist visa

It is the most common type of visa for travelers who wish to spend a short of time for relaxing, chilling out as well exploring  a new country.  For tourism purpose, you can stay in Vietnam 15 – 20 days in maximum basically issued according to your return ticket and hotel booking. 

1.2  Business visa

Eligible Lebanese applicants will obtain a business visa when they come to Vietnam for attending meeting, conference or other related – issues for short stay. (01 – 03 months)

1.3  Work visa

Many foreigners usually confused between business visa and work visa. The second one should be ideally obtained as you are an employer or you are hired as a manager, expert, worker, … etc for a company registered in Vietnam. Keep in mind that you have to get work permit in advance as one of the compulsory conditions. 

1.4  TT/VR visa

TT/VR visa is granted for Lebanese citizens who are parents, spouse, and children under 18 years of age of the foreigners working in Vietnam or Vietnamese citizens. The length of duration of these visas is not exceeding 03 months for each entry. 

1.5  Investor visa

Those people who belong to the mentioned - below cases will enter Vietnam on Investment visa with longest validity up to 12 months.
• Foreigners setting up or contributing capital to companies in Vietnam.
• Foreign lawyers working in Vietnam


1.6  Miễn thị thực – 5 year visa exemption 

If you get married to citizens of Vietnam, you would obtain this kind of visa being valid up to 05 years as maximum. What you need to do is prepare all required documents below for visa processing: 
• Marriage certificate (original or certified ones)
• Vietnamese spouse’s Identity Card (Certified)
• Applicant’s original passport
• Vietnamese spouse’s family book (Certified)
• Certified registration of residential stay (Original, issued by Police office in your residence/ Online Declaration Temporary Residence for Foreigner from your hotel)
• 2 passport photos of 3*4 and 4*6 cm
Remember that the validity of 5 year visa exemption is 05 years and you need to renew it 180 days each entry. 

Vietnam tourist visa requirement for Lebanese

It is one of the most popular and basic kinds of travel visas to get for Lebanese citizens. You just send us your passport copy, visa pages of some countries you had on passport, and reservation for flight with hotel to get visa approval letter issued.  
Bear in mind that you just book your hotel and flight after your visa is granted. 

Vietnam business visa requirement for Lebanese

If you come to Vietnam for business purpose, holding this type of visa would be required a sponsor company in Vietnam. They will provide us with some legal documents on your behalf to submit them to Immigration Department by us. 
Let’s follow these steps to enter our country on business visa: 
Step 1. A Vietnamese company sponsoring you will send us a copy of company business license to check if they are able to guarantee you to obtain business visa 
Step 2: We prepare necessary papers such as: invitation letter, working schedule... send back to your sponsor
Step 3: Company signs in, puts stamp on required documents, post to our office
Step 4: Get business visa issued by Vietnam Immigration via email, then print it out and show it at your departure to acquire visa sticker

Frequently answered questions about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens


Q1: Do Lebanese need a visa to enter Vietnam?

Vietnam visa is a must document you should apply before departure.
Without it, Immigration Officers will not allow you to go through Immigration Counter at Vietnam International Airport. 

Q2: Are Lebanese citizens eligible for Vietnam E-visa?

Currently, Vietnam E- visa is not applicable for citizens of Lebanon. They could option for two officially ways to get visa including applying for Vietnam visa on arrival or at Vietnam Embassy.

Q3: What if my Vietnam visa is rejected?

In case your visa is refused by Vietnam Immigration Department, you will be informed immediately from Vietnamvisavoa. Of course, your visa service fee will be refunded 100% without deduction from

Q4:  As Lebanese citizen, how long is my tourist visa valid for?

The length of Vietnam tourist visa for Lebanese passport holders is quite shorter than in other countries. From 15 to 20 days is maximum validity they could stay in Vietnam for visiting purpose. 

Q5:  How does Vietnam visa approval letter look like?

Let’s check out this picture below to make sure you do not get fraudulently issued visa. 

Q6: How can I get Vietnam visa in Lebanon?

Keep in mind that no Vietnam Embassy is established in Lebanon, therefore, applying visa on arrival is the most ideal way you could get easily. 

Q7: When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is divided into three main distinct climate zones: North, Central and South which has own typical climate. But the ideal time to visit Vietnam is from September to March experiencing a pleasant and cool weather, so you could enjoy almost entertainment activities in your holiday. 
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