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Apr, 2020

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An In-depth Guide to Vietnam Visa for Kuwaiti Citizens

An In-depth Guide to Vietnam Visa for Kuwaiti Citizens

By Vietnamvisavoa

To visit Vietnam - one of the amazing country in the South East Asia, Kuwaiti citizens are required to apply for a Vietnam visa. But the Kuwaitis are happy to know that they can easily apply for Vietnam visa on arrival or get a visa through Vietnam Embassy.
In, we are giving you this article detailing the visa types, requirement and procedure to apply Vietnam visa for Kuwait citizens.

How many types of Vietnam visa are available for Kuwaiti citizens?


Tourist visa

This is one of the most popular types of Vietnam visa that is granted for Kuwaiti citizens coming to the country with tourism purpose. The tourist visa’s validity can be from 15 – 20 days to nationals from Kuwait.

Business visa

This is also a short-stay visa that allows Kuwaiti citizens to enter and remain in Vietnam for a maximum period of 3 months (single or multiple entry) for the purposes of conducting some business activities such as: signing contracts, meetings and trade fairs. 

Work visa

For Kuwaiti citizens who wish to come Vietnam for employment are granted this visa type. A work visa enables Kuwaiti workers to work temporarily for a specific employer in the country. To apply this visa, you must obtain a work permit first.


TT/VR Visa

This visa permits you to enter and remain in Vietnam within 3 months for every entry. This visa’s eligible applicants are those who are relatives (parents, spouse and children) of foreigners holding some visa Vietnam types (LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐ visas) or Vietnamese citizens.

5-year visa exemption

The 5-year visa exemption allows its holders to stay within the country every 180 days for each entry. Kuwaiti citizens can apply this visa type on condition that you or your parents have Vietnamese origins; or you have husband or wife that is Vietnamese citizens. 

Investor visa

This visa is available for Kuwaiti nationals who come to Vietnam for founding a company or contributing capital to businesses in Vietnam. This visa’s eligible applicants are:
• Foreigners setting up or contributing capital to companies in Vietnam
• Foreign lawyers working in Vietnam
Additionally, Vietnam visa type is classified according to a number of entry. Specifically, it consists of:  

Single Entry visa

A single entry visa permits one entry before your visa expires. In other word, your visa will be invalid as long as you go out Vietnam during your visa validity.

Multiple Entry visa

You are allowed to enter Vietnam various times during the period while your visa is still valid. You should apply for this visa in case you want to travel to another country from Vietnam without getting a new single visa.

Where do I apply Vietnam visa?


Option 1- Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival


To apply visa upon arrival, you have to look for a trusted visa agent in Vietnam that assists you to get a visa approval letter before your departure to Vietnam. This visa approval letter allows you to board your airplane and collect a visa sticker on your passport upon arrival at the Vietnam airport.


Option 2- Get a visa from a personal visit to a Vietnam Embassy in Kuwait

By this way, you need to visit the nearest Embassy of Vietnam in Kuwait in person. Then, the officer there will present you step-by-step guideline to obtain a valid visa to Vietnam.
Let’s go deep into the way of how to apply for Vietnam visa in the following parts.


Vietnam visa for Kuwaiti citizens on arrival 

Vietnam visa on arrival is eligible to all nationalities and highly recommended to use by most of travelers. Holding Kuwaiti passport, you might wonder what documents are required, don’t let you wait anymore, here is the checklist:
1) A visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department - * must obain it before your travelling to Vietnam
2) Your valid passport - * having at least 6 month validity since your actual entry to Vietnam
3) Stamping fee paid in cash (USD recommended) 
4) 02 passport-size photos (4x6cm)
5) Vietnamese visa application form 
On the top of list mentioned above, the visa approval letter comes up as the first must-have document you are required. 
How to obtain it? Don’t worry, we will walk you through the steps to get the visa approval letter as below

How to get Vietnam visa approval letter

Do good research to find the best reliable travel agents helping you submit a visa application. Vietnamvisavoa is one of them will be a name you trust, you just need to follow some 3-simple-steps as below:
• Step 1: Access our website:, then fill up and submit your online form. For emergency situation, you can send your passport copy directly to our email:
• Step 2: Make your payment via a secure link attached in confirmation email
• Step 3: Receive your visa approval letter after some working days (2-3 days for tourist visa and 5-7 days for business visa)

How does Vietnam visa procedure at the airport work?

The procedure to get a Vietnam visa upon arrival at the airport becomes incredibly simple and smooth if you precisely adhere to the following instructions:
- Go to the Visa Counter at the Vietnam airport after getting off your flight
- Present the visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form, passport and 2 passport sized photos to the Immigration Officer. 
- Wait for your name to be called by the Officer
- Pay for stamping fee and receive your visa stamped on your passport
- Double check all details in the visa before stepping into the next Immigration Line.
Congratulation! Your visa is completely done. 

Vietnam visa on arirval cost

This part, we will explain the fee of Vietnam visa on arrival. You are expected to pay two kind of fee as below: 
• Visa service fee: This charge need to be paid for visa agent that assists you to send your application to Vietnam Immigration Department. You can make a payment online via Debit/ Credit Card, PayPal or Western Union. 
• Stamping fee: To get a visa sticker allowing you enter Vietnam legally, you will pay stamping fee in cash at Vietnam airport. This fee is fixed by the Vietnam Immigration and varies depending upon your visa types.
1 month single tourist visa $60 $25
3 month single tourist visa $110 $25
1 month multiple tourist visa $90 $50
3 month multiple tourist visa $150 $50

Important notes to remember on Vietnam visa on arrival for Kuwait

• A visa approval letter is applied for Kuwaiti citizens traveling to Vietnam BY AIR only.
• The eligible applications must have 6 month-validity passport beyond your actual entry date when applying visa to Vietnam.
• Payment for stamping fee is recommended to be paid exact amount of money in US Dollar currency.
• Your visa process is just submitted to the Immigration Department until your service fee is paid successfully. 


Is Vietnamvisavoa authorized agency to provide Vietnam visa on arrival?

Yes, acts as a legal representative of Vietnam Immigration Department. We will work with the Immigration on behalf of visa applicant to deal with the visa approval letter. 

Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy in Kuwait


Document required

The necessity paperwork can be change depending on your entry purposes. In general, these following documents are requested for all types of Vietnam visas:
• An original passport (at least 06-month validity after your last day of travel)
• 02 correct passport-sized photos (taken at least 06 months recently)
• Flight and hotel reservation
• A round trip ticket to Vietnam
• Visa fee
• Vietnamese visa application form 

How to apply

To apply a Vietnam visa at Embassy, you need to visit the Vietnamese Embassy in person in Kuwait. Then the officer there will provide you complete guidance on applying a visa. 
Vietnam Embassy in Dasman, Kuwait:
• Address: Jabriya, Block 10, Street 19, Villa 96, Kuwait man 15463, KUWAIT
• Phone: + 965-25351593
• Email:
• Fax: + 965-25351592
• Office hour: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 – 13:00

Vietnam Embassy's visa cost

The free is subjected to be changed a bit depending upon Embassy or Consulate you choose to submit your visa application, as well as your visa type and nationality. For further information, you can contact directly with them in prior to processing your visa.


Why I applied Vietnam visa on arrival over Vietnam Embassy?

Applying a visa on arrival is not only time saving, but is also a free-hassle procedures. Instead of visiting Embassy in person, visa upon arrival enables your visa process complete online quickly through a visa (travel) agency.  

Vietnam tourist visa requirement and application process


Required paperwork 

1) Your passport copy 
2) Visa pages presenting visa sticker of your visited countries (if required)
3) Flight and hotel reservation 

Application process 

1) Send all above necessary documents you collect to us via email: Then we will announce you about the visa service and processing time
2) When you confirm us, we will send you a confirmation email immediately attached a payment link that you access and pay your service charge. As long as receiving your payment, your visa process will be started.
3) After 2-3 business days, an email that you will find attached file including “your visa approval letter” and “Vietnamese application form” is sent to you through your personal email.
4) Print and bring your visa letter to go on board to Vietnam. As long as landing at Vietnam airport, show it with these following documents (original passport, 02 passport photos, Vietnamese visa application form), then pay a stamping fee to receive a visa sticker placed onto your passport.

Frequently answered questions about Vietnam visa for Kuwaiti citizens


Do I need a visa for Vietnam?

YES, Kuwaiti citizens are not eligible for Vietnam visa exemption policy and are required to apply for a visa before entering the country. 

Are Kuwaiti eligible for Vietnam E-visa?

Currently, Vietnam E-visa is not applied to Kuwaiti passport holders. You can apply a Vietnam visa through visa on arrival and Vietnam Embassy in stead.

How long does it take to get Vietnam visa?

It seems to depend on the type of your visa and the time when you submit your application. Typically, it takes 2-3 working days to apply for a visa on arrival while you have to wait between 5-7 working days to process visa through the Vietnam Embassy. 

Can I get Vietnam visa online?

YES, Kuwaiti passport holders can apply a Vietnam visa online through visa on arrival. All you need to do is sending your passport copy via email , then Vietnamvisavoa’s visa consultant will assist you to finish your visa application.

Is the visa fee refundable? guarantee that a full refund of your visa service in case your visa is refused by the Vietnam Immigration Department. No refund is made if you cancel your visa application on your own while it is being processed. 



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