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Feb, 2020

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Vietnam Visa for Iraqi Citizen

Vietnam Visa for Iraqi Citizen

By Thao Le

Vietnam visa policy has been significantly improved in a bid to offer easier travel to get into Vietnam for citizens from different countries including Iraqi passport holders.  Iraqi who wants to visit Vietnam will need visa  Luckily, going to Vietnam Embassy is not mandatory any more as Iraqis are eligible to pick up visa upon your arrival to Vietnam airport. 
In the below article, we provide everything you about Vietnam visa and how visa on arrival is the best option. 

02 accessible ways to get Vietnam visa for Iraqi citizens

02 ways to get vietnam visa for iraqi passport holder
As Iraqi is not in the visa exemption list, they will need to apply for Vietnam visa through 02 legitimate ways as followings:
• Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival (travel by AIR only)  
• Apply for Vietnam visa through Embassy of Vietnam in Iraq

Vietnam visa for Iraqi citizens on arrival 


How Vietnam visa on arrival work

Visa on arrival is an online method of getting visa to Vietnam without going to the Embassy. This method requires obtaining Vietnam approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. By having this letter, you will fly into Vietnam and collect Vietnam visa sticker upon arrival airports.
Vietnam visa letter for Iraqi citizens
Sample of Vietnam visa tourist letter for Iraqi citizens 

How to apply

To start the Vietnam visa on arrival process, first, applicants will submit a visa application form online through vietnamvisavoa. After being processed, an approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department will be sent to you via email. With this paper, the applicant is allowed to board the plane and fly to Vietnam. Upon arrival airport, applicants will present the letter along with necessary documents to Immigration officer, then you will have your visa stamped into your passport.
Step 1: Submit Vietnam visa on arrival request 
First, you fill in the online form or send an email to us via with a copy of your passport and entry/exit date to Vietnam. 
Step 2: Make payment for Vietnam visa service online
You then are guided on how to make payment for service fee. The service fee will vary depending upon your visa type.  Payment can be done by: Credit Card/ PayPal/ Western Union/ Bank Transfer. In case we fail to provide your request, your fee will be fully refunded.
Step 3: Get Vietnam visa approval letter
We will send you a Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam via your email after about 10 working days. Do remember to double check all details to make sure that all information is correct. After that you will print the letter out and take it on your flight to Vietnam. 
Step 4: Receive Vietnam visa upon arrival
Once you land at Vietnam international airport, you will head to visa upon arrival area and submit documents including: Original passport, Vietnam visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form attached with passport photo and pay for stamping fee in cash ($25 US/ single entry visa, $50 US/ multiple entry visa). And you will receive a sticker on your passport back.

Document required

At the glance, here are documents list for applying visa on arrival.
• A valid passport valid for at least 6 months since the date you arrive in Vietnam with 02 blank pages.
• Visa pages of some countries you visited ( if any)
Some extra documents are needed to present upon your entry in Vietnam, the details are the bellows:
• Visa approval letter 
• Vietnamese visa application form
• Two passport-sized photos (4x6 cm) (a face straight forward, white background and no glasses)
• Stamping fee in cash which is 25 USD or 50 USD depending on type of entry
• Original passport 

Visa fee (Vietnam visa on arrival)

When it comes to the fee of visa on arrival, there are two compulsory fee need to be paid: visa service fee and stamping fee. 
► Visa service fee: You make payment online for vietnamvisavoa in advance to get visa approval letter. 
► Stamping fee: You are highly suggested to prepare an exact amount in US Dollar to pay to the Immigration Officer upon your entry.

To apply visa on arrival with, you can check visa service fee in the tables as bellows:


single entry (20-25 days) $110 $25
multiple entry (20-25 days) $140 $50


 Vietnam tourist visa for Iraqi citizens


Important notice before applying Vietnam visa on arrival 

• If you apply for visa on arrival, you can only travel by air.
• You are permitted to travel to Vietnam within the visa validity.
• Payment for visa service fee is required to be made in advance before your visa application is submitted to the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy in Iraq

• Address: Hay Andalus, Mahalla 611, Zuqaq 34, House 71, P.O. Box 15054 Yarmuk, Baghdad, Iraq
• Phone: (964-1) 541 3409 / 543 9919 / 543 4805
• Email:

 Documents are required  includes

• Original passport with at least 06 months validity
• Vietnamese visa application form
• Two 4*6cm recently taken photos
• Return ticket
• Hotel and flight booking
• Visa fee
• Other required document if needed
Depending on each case, applicant can be required to submit another additional documents such as bank statement or leave approval letter from your employer. etc

How to apply 

By choosing this method, you have to prepare and submit the documents as mentioned above to Vietnam Embassy. The official there will guide you every step. If you are outside of Iraq, you can find Vietnam Embassy at your location to submit your visa application. 

Visa fee

The price is not the same for every embassy. For that reason, you are advised to contact the nearest embassy or consulate to brief you about it.

Common types of Vietnam visa for Iraqi citizens 


Tourist visa

This is the most common type of visa for Iraqi citizens who come to Vietnam with tourism or vacation purpose.

Business visa

For business-related issues, Iraqi are advised to apply for business visa with the validity of 01 or 03 month single/multiple entry. 
This type of visa requires Iraqi to have a Vietnam sponsor company who will provide some legal documents such as Business registration certificate and Investment License used in the process.

Work visa

To work legally in Vietnam, Iraqi will need to obtain this type of visa. Its validity is maximum 12 months and one mandatory document is work permit.

TT/VR visa

TT/VR visa is granted for foreign passports holders whose relatives (husband/ wife/ parents) are Vietnamese passport holders or their relatives are foreigners but work in Vietnam with Vietnamese resident Card/ Work visa.

Investor visa

DT visa, also called investor visa, is the type of visa which is issued for foreign investors and lawyers operating in Vietnam. Its validity ranges from 12 months to 5 years depending upon the investment capital. 

Mien thu thuc – 5 year visa exemption 

5-year visa exemption is only granted those who are:
• Overseas Vietnamese who have foreign passport and the one only have Permanent Residence Card.
• Foreigners who are spouses, children of Vietnamese citizens, living in Vietnam or residing abroad.
Being granted 5 year visa exemption, you can enjoy no visa required to travel to Vietnam within 5 years and you are permitted to stay up to 180 days for each entry. 

Document required to apply Vietnam tourist visa (Visa on arrival) for Iraqis

To apply for Vietnam tourist visa, Iraqi citizens need to prepare documents as below:
• Passport with at least 06 months validity and 02 blank pages
• Two 4*6cm photos 
• Hotel and return flight reservation

Document required to apply for Vietnam business visa  (Vietnam visa on arrival) for Iraqis

• Passport with at least 06 months validity and 02 blank pages
• Two 4*6cm photos 
• Hotel and  return flight reservation
• Vietnam based Company Business License (Notarized)

Frequently answered questions about Vietnam visa for Iraqi citizens


Q1 - Do Iraqis need a visa to enter Vietnam?

At the moment, Iraq is not on the Vietnam visa free list yet. Therefore, Iraqis are required to get visa to enter Vietnam.

Q2 - Are Iraqi citizens eligible for Vietnam E-visa?

E-visa is not available for Iraqis at this moment. Instead, you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival or at nearest Embassy/Consulate.

Q3 - What if my Vietnam visa is rejected?

We shall make a full refund to you in case your visa is rejected by the Vietnam Immigration. However, if you cancel your visa application while it is being processed, no refund is made.

Q4 - How long is my tourist visa valid for?

At the moment, Iraqis are granted tourist visa with maximum 20 days validity. You can travel within this period of time only, not earlier than entry date or later than exit date as shown in the visa letter

Q5 - Is Vietnam safe to visit?

Vietnam has always been known for its warm hospitality and peaceful country. There is no major conflict so you feel absolutely secured to walk out on street in day or night time. But, you should take particular care of your own belongings such as passport, bank cards, jewelry when visiting crowded areas

Q6 - How can I get Vietnam visa in Iraq?

You are advised to prepare all the documents and visit Vietnam Embassy to get visa stamped there and fly to Vietnam. 

Q7 - When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is located in tropical climate and each region has its typical weather. In general, it is most ideal time to visit Vietnam between September and March when the weather is not too hot or cold if you want to visit the North of Vietnam especially.
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