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Dec, 2019

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Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival for US Citizens

Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival for US Citizens

By Kim Clara

With the recent surge in the tourism industry, Vietnam continues to be a hot destination for foreign visitors including Americans ranking 5th among the list of top international visitors. The most sought after Visa for Vietnam is the Vietnam  visa on arrival for US citizens, and to apply for it, the visitor has to meet up the following requirements: 
- Their passport should be valid for at least 6 months, beyond their scheduled departure, counting from the date of arrival to Vietnam. 
- They have to enter Vietnam through air routes

What does Vietnam Visa on arrival mean?

Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA), can be issued only after the visitor has entered the premises of Vietnam, usually at the airport, preceded by the fact that they have obtained an approval letter arranged through a travel agency prior to their arrival. Vietnam Visa on Arrival can be issued only if the visitor has entered Vietnam through air route, at any international airports of Vietnam.

Can US Citizen get Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

USA citizens are eligible for Visa on Arrival in Vietnam since 1996, mainly for Tourism and Business purposes if you enter Vietnam through the following entry ports BY AIR:
1. Danang International Airport (Da Nang)
2. Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh)
3. Cam Ranh International Airport (Khanh Hoa)
4. Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi)
5. Cat Bi International Airport (Hai Phong)
6. Da Lat International Airport (Da Lat) 
7. Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh)
8. Can Tho International Airport (Can Tho)
9. Phu Quoc International Aiprport (Kien Giang)
Note: US citizens entering Vietnam by road or by sea are required to pick up Vietnam visa beforehand at the Vietnam Embassy in USA or in the country you are residing or visiting.  

Requirements for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

In order to get VOA in Vietnam, the visitor should fulfill the following requirements:
- Having a passport with at least 6 months validity, along with the following details mentioned clearly: Full Name of the visitor; date of Birth (DD/MM/YY) is the preferred format in Vietnam.
- An approval letter for entry in Vietnam issued the Vietnam Immigration, which can be applied online on
- Vietnamese visa application form 
- Two passport size photographs (white background, straight head and no glasses)
- Stamping fee in cash
- At least 02 blank pages for visa stamp.
Currency accepted to pay for stamping fee: USD is highly preferred to avoid any bad exchange. The other common currencies: Australian Dollar, European Euro, Vietnamese Dong are possibly accepted as the alternatives. 

How to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival for US Citizens?

Before travelling to Vietnam: US citizens just follow these steps to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival through just within or less than 5 minutes: 
- Fill up an online form to get approval letter for entry in Vietnam, get it online You will be asked to enter your name, date of birth, passport number, etc.
- Make payment visa service fee with your credit/debit card
- Receive a visa approval letter after 3-5 working days through email 
- Print out the visa letter and take it along with you when travelling to Vietnam
On arrival: You have to go to Visa On arrival Section (Landing visa) after getting off your plane and wait in a queue to submit the list of documents as bellows:
- Original passport
- A print out of visa approval letter
- Completed Vietnamese visa application form
- 01 passport sized photo
- Stamping fee (to check how much you will pay for stamping fee, please see at this link:
Once receiving your passport back, just double check all of your details on your visa page before moving to the passport control line. Any mistake is found out after leaving the airport has no chance to be revised or amended 

Vietnam Visa Fees

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fees constitutes mainly of the Visa processing fee and Stamping Fees.
Visa Processing Fee: This fee is required to be paid while applying for visa during application form fill up. It is charged by a visa agency in order to acquire an approval letter for entry in Vietnam.
Stamping Fee: It is require to be paid directly to the Immigration Officer at the airport after receiving a full visa stamp on passport.
The overall fees of Vietnam Visa on arrival for USA citizens varies depending on the type of visa and the duration for which it has been issued, with the cost of stamping included.
Tourist visa on arrival for USA citizens: 
1. 18 USD (service fee) +25 USD (stamping fees) for one month single entry.
2. 22 USD (service fee) +50 USD (stamping fees) for one month multiple entry.
3. 30 USD (service fee) +25 USD (stamping fees) for three month single entry.
4. 50 USD (service fee) +50 USD (stamping fees) for three month multiple entry.
Business visa on arrival for USA citizens: 
1. 75 USD (service fee) +25 USD (stamping fees) for one month single entry.
2. 85 USD (service fee) +50 USD (stamping fees) for one month multiple entry.
3. 95 USD (service fee) +25 USD (stamping fees) for three month single entry.
4. 100 USD (service fee) +50 USD (stamping fees) for three month multiple entry.
5. 150 USD (service fee) + 95 USD (stamping fees) for 6 month multiple entry.
6. 180 USD (service fee) + 135USD (stamping fees) for 1 year multiple entry.

Type of Vietnam Visa on Arrival for US Citizen

 Visa on arrival (VOA) in Vietnam is categorized into tourist visa and business visa both of which can be available for single and multiple entries. Primarily based on duration, the sorts are: 
1. One month single/multiple entry
2. Three month single/multiple entry
3. Six month single/multiple entry
4. One year single/ multiple entry 

Mandatory Vietnam visa application form/document for US citizen

1. Visa approval letter: the document is easily arranged by your visa agency before your departure.  It is very common to see your names and your personal/visa details shown along with the others in the visa letter. However, a private letter can be provided by your visa agent as long as you ask them in advance for this privilege before submitting your visa application. 
Sample of Vietnam visa approval letter for US passport holder
2. Vietnamese visa application form (Entry and Exit form): Normally your VOA agency will send this form along with the visa approval letter to you by email. You are advised to print it out and completely fill up to save your time when you are landing at the airport. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have this form because you still take it upon your entry. 
Vietnamese visa application form 

“Visa approval letter is not recognized as an actual VISA but required to submit a the visa counter to be able to receive a full visa stamp on your passport at the Vietnam airport”


Another best alternative to Visa on Arrival for US citizens: E-Visa

Electronic Visa, or E-Visa is issued to foreign visitors from over 80 countries, including the USA by Vietnamese Immigration Department, only valid for single entry for a maximum of 30 days. Unlike the Visa on Arrival, the E-Visa holders are allowed to enter Vietnam not only through air route, but also through sea and land routes. The visitors are allowed to enter Vietnam through 13 international land borders, 8 airports, and 7 seaports.
To apply for an E- Visa to Vietnam as an American passport holder, you have to visit fill up the required information, and pay an application fee of 25 USD. The visa will be processed within 3 working days, take a print-out to enter/exit Vietnam.

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FAQs for Vietnam visa on arrival for US citizens


1. How long does it takes to get Vietnam visa on arrival from USA?

The processing time varies according to the type of visa. Vietnamvisavoa offers three options for your need and convenience. The choices are given to US citizen based on their budget and demand: 
(*) Standard processing time: 2-3 working days for tourist visa and 5-7 working days for business visa
(*) Rush processing: 1 working days for tourist visa; 1-2 working days for business visa
(*) Super rush processing: 2 or 4 working hours for both tourist and business visa 

2. What is the validity of Vietnam visa on arrival?

The validity of Vietnam visa on arrival starts from the entry date put on the visa application form, not actual arrival date you physically visit Vietnam. 

3. What is the photo size required for Vietnam visa on arrival?

The photo size is 4x6cm as required. 

4. Whether or not flight/hotel reservation required for applying through

No, we don’t need your flight and hotel reservation while submitting your visa application through us. We understand that this will save you from losing money in case your visa is rejected or you change your travelling schedule. It’s highly suggested to book or confirm your flight and hotel after getting the visa approval letter from us. 

5. What would happen at the Vietnam Immigration counter?

Once landing at the Vietnam airport, you will go to submit the visa documents at Visa on arrival or Landing visa Section. Then wait to get the visa stamped on your passport. 

Vietnamvisavoa is very happy to assist and provide Vietnam visa service for millions of international travelers. To quote from Mike Tottenham “My experience with Vietnam Visa VOA has been excellent. Thuy offers a very professional and cost effective service. Great communication and very efficient. I can highly recommend this visa and travel service”
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