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Aug, 2022

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Emergency, urgent Vietnam visa for USA citizens

Emergency, urgent Vietnam visa for USA citizens

By Vietnamvisavoa

Vietnam visa for US citizens can be done within 04- 08 working hours. Apply for Vietnam emergency visa with


You are USA passport holders, you already booked your flight to Vietnam and completely forget about getting a Vietnam visa until you arrive in airport.


You are USA passport holders and you already submitted Vietnam visa request online. Nevertheless, your flight is so close and you are still awaiting for Vietnam visa.Your Vietnam e visa submitted at Vietnam Immigration website still show: Processing Status


You need emergency Vietnam visa in just some hours time to catch your flight?


Contact us: Vietnamvisavoa


Hotline: +84.969.255.515


We will consult you and find out a fastest way to get Vietnam visa for you in time to catch your plane to Vietnam.

At the moment, what is the quickest way to get Vietnam visa for US passport holders?

It is Vietnam e visa.


Everything you need to know about Vietnam E visa


Vietnam e visa is a type of visa issued for tourism purpose. To get this visa type done, all you need to do is to submit a visa request online and get Vietnam visa result within 03- 07 working days on normal basis.

If you are not in hurry, you can apply for Vietnam e visa directly at offical website of Vietnam Immigration. Note that,  there is only 01 option for normal processing time which takes within 03 working days. In fact, it may takes 05-10 working days to hear from Immigration. 


You want your Visa request processed urgently?


Contact us RIGH AWAY 


Hotline: +84.969.255.515



What documents are required for Vietnam e visa on US passport?


You just need to share with us via email: or Whatsapp/ Viber at +84.969.255.515 the following details:

Passport copy

01 passport sized photo/ portrait photo 

Email address 

Your flight schedule


After checking all information, we will consult you the best solution in order to get Vietnam visa result done before you boarding the flight to Vietnam.


Emergency Vietnam e visa processing time

01-02 working hours service

04 working hours service 

01 working day service: We ensure you that e visa result will be ready within 01 working day (Vietnam time)

02 working day service: We guarantee your Vietnam e visa result will be available within 02 working days ( Vietnam time)

Note: Procesing time base on Vietnam working time. No ememergency/ urgent service is available during weekend (Saturday, Sunday and national holiday).


For emergency Vietnam visa, rush Vietnam visa for US citizens, just give us a quick call at +84 969 255 515 and our support team will guide you the best choice.


Emergency Vietnam e visa fee for US citizens


Depend upon the processing time: 

Current price:

01-02 working hours: Call us at +84 969 255 515

04 working hours: $155 US/person

01 working day: $125 US/ person 

02 working days: $95 US/ person 

In case you already submitted your E visa correctly at Immigration website, we will deduct $25 US (offical fee) from the total price. 

What do you need to send? 

Copy of your passport 

Vietnam e visa registration code that you got from Vietnam Immigration

Your email address

Your flight schedule 

Our first step is to log in your account to check if you write down name and passport number correctly or not. If details are correct, we will just upgrade your visa order into urgent service to get Vietnam e visa faster as you request. In case any information is wrong, a new Vietnam visa application must be submitted.

What if your Vietnam e visa is complete and there is a mistake (wrong date, wrong name....) in your Vietnam E visa? We also can support. Just call us at +84 969 255 515, we will find out a workable solution for you.


Payment method for rush Vietnam e visa 

How do you pay for Vietnam e visa?

We accept: Credit Card/ Debit Card, Paypal, Vietnam local bank transfer. We will ask you which option do you prefer then a link pay online will be sent to you accordingly. Once payment is done, a confirmation will be sent to your email and your Vietnam visa request will be processed. 

You also could fill in urgent Vietnam visa request form here: Once we receive your request, we will reply you as quickly as we could.


Passport photo: We recommend you to send clear copy of your passport page. If you can share the scan it it most recommended. If not, simply take a fine photo with your phone, make sure that the full bio page is seen clearly. 

Portrait photo: Do not crop the imagine from the passport page but to take a photo with your mobile. Make sure  background is plain/ white,  your face is clearly shown, no glasses,  bear head and do not wear tank top. 

Low quality or wrong format of the photos may result in getting your Vietnam e visa request refused. 

If you are in rush, do not submit Vietnam e visa on Vietnam Immigration website, chance is that you will make typing mistake with your names, passport number, passport expiration date. 


Need to know about Vietnam visa on arrival 

Many people still misunderstand about Vietnam visa on arrival. Those people believe that they just fly into Vietnam and collect a Vietnam visa upon arrival. Vietnam visa on arrival works totally different from Vietnam visa for other countries.

How Vietnam visa on arrival work?

Is Vietnam visa on arrival available right now?

It is. However, post Covid, procedure and requirement to get Vietnam visa on arrival is so complicated and costly. To get a Vietnam visa approval for Vietnam now, applicants must book full tour package with a travel agency in Vietnam so that they could work as sponsor to get Vietnam visa approved for you at Vietnam Immigration Department.

Processing time would take within 7-10 working days.

In clusion, right now, Vietnam e visa is the quickest and simplest way to get Vietnam visa on US passport.


Contact us: Vietnam visa VOA for emergency Vietnam visa!


Emergency Vietnam visa at Vietnamvisavoa



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