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Mar, 2019

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Vietnam Visa online vs Vietnam Visa at Embassy for Sri Lanka citizens

Vietnam Visa online vs Vietnam Visa at Embassy for Sri Lanka citizens

By Vivian Lin

Being a Sri Lanka passport holders, how would you get Vietnam visa ?

Currently, there are 2 common ways to get Vietnam visa for Sri Lankan citizens, which are applied online or obtained in advance via the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. Still consider which way is suitable for you ? This article may outline a comparison at some extent, regarding some pros and cons of each option.

Firstly, in terms of time-efficiency, with Vietnam visa applied through Embassy, Sri Lanka passport holders need to visit Vietnam Embassy in person, bringing along some necessary documents: Original passport, hotel booking, flight ticket, thus requiring you to make time properly. Meanwhile, with Vietnam online visa, Sri Lanka nationals can do the visa application anywhere provided that the Internet connection is available. You only need to fill out a Vietnamese visa application, or just send your passport information to our email then the pre approval letter for your Vietnam visa is sent to you via email. This option therefore suits to people who are busy and not willing to make time visiting Embassy.

Let look at a small comparison in terms of procedure in issuing Vietnam visa. Sri Lankans who apply Embassy visa shall do the application all by yourself, and directly work with Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate officials. However, with Vietnam visa on arrival, just need to submit your online application via our website, then our experienced staffs will deal it with the Vietnam Immigration on behalf of you.

Additionally, once completing the visa application, Vietnam online visa is easily accessible, you are able to track visa process through live updates on our system, and get your visa stamped at visa-on-arrival counter when landing at International Vietnam airport. But with Embassy visa, when needing to track visa process, you should actively call the Embassy for updates, and travel to the Embassy to get your visa stamped.

However, one advantage of Embassy visa is that it works with people traveling by air, sea or land, while online visa offers air-travelling only. So, for example, if you plan to travel to Vietnam by land, please make time to visit Vietnam Embassy/Consulate at your nearest location.

Regarding the visa price, generally online visa is at much lower price compared to price offered by Embassy visa. With visa taken at the airport, Sri Lankan citizens need to pay for visa service fee online and stamping fee on arrival. But, with Embassy visa, in addition to visa stamp fee, you may incur travelling cost, postal/parcel fee for transporting documents.

Concerning the reliability, Sri Lankan nationals applying online visa will get pre approval letter granted by Vietnam Immigration Department. Just take that letter to the airport, and then get your Vietnam visa stamped at landing visa area.

So if you intend to travel by air, and want to have a reasonable price, simple procedures, quick processing time, Vietnam online visa (Vietnam visa on arrival) is the most suitable option.
In short, please check out the means of travel that you plan, and then consider other factors such as price, accessibility and time-efficiency to decide on how you would like to collect your Vietnam visa.

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