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Jul, 2019

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By Thu Nguyen

List here are the commonly used forms of Vietnam visa and useful guidebooks related to Vietnam visa on arrival and travel information as well. Most of these forms are in PDF file and might require Acrobat Reader to open and view.

Download Vietnam visa Application form:

- Vietnam visa application: If you do not want to submit your visa application online, you can download this form and fill out then submit to us at
- Vietnamese visa application form (formally known as Vietnam Entry and Exit Form): To save your time upon arrival, you can download this form; then print out and complete it in advance. More details on how to fill out this form, please click here
- Sample of Vietnam visa approval letter: To be used to check in at your departure airport when you travel to Vietnam and present upon arrival to get your Vietnam visa at Vietnam airports.

Download Visa and Immigration Section Map at Vietnam airport:



Other samples:


1.Vietnam visa sticker: a form of visa is physically pasted on your passport. 
2.Loose leaf Vietnam visa: a form of visa issued in a separate sheet of paper, not stamped on your passport. 
3.Vietnam E-visa: A kind of visa issued directly by the Vietnam Immigration Department via electronic visa system.
4.Vietnam Work permit: A document issued to allow foreigners to legally work in Vietnam.
5.Vietnam Resident Card: A document issued to allow foreigners to stay or reside in Vietnam. 

Vietnam visa & travel information


- (PDF file) Complete Guidebook about Vietnam visa 
- (PDF file) Complete Guidebook about Vietnam travel

Vietnam Visa Tips:


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