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Oct, 2023

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How to get to Hanoi from airport? 

How to get to Hanoi from airport? 

By Vietnamvisavoa

If your trip is to head to North Vietnam, then your flight would land in Noi Bai international airport.  You would wonder what are the options to get to the Hanoi city from Noi Bai airport. There are diverse available options that meet your need and expectation.

Noi Bai International Airport is located 35 kilometers away from the central Hanoi. Depending on the time you arrive, we will give you some recommendations to choose the best way for you.



Private minibuses


The private minibusses expect to leave as soon as it is full, which usually doesn't take long. This option is popular with locals because the bus will stop off a few times to drop people off along the way without any exact place. But you don’t need to be too worried because they generally stop off in points that are in walking distance to central. However, you just prepare to be flexible and notice that the drivers don’t speak English. 

Commonly, minibusses leave every 30 – 45 minutes and the price for one way ticket is 40,000 VND per seat (1.8 $). 


Airline transfer service


Some airlines such as: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Vietjet provide the customers shuttle bus service from the airport to the downtown. They run a transfer service when you book your ticket with unbeatable price, around 2 USD/ pax to city center.




If you want to save your valuable time, getting a taxi is the fastest way to access the inner city from the airport.  You can easily reach taxies that stand a lot outside arrival terminals.

You should ask the driver to put the meter on or agree on a rate before you get in the car.  You’ll need to pay cash for your taxi.  A taxi to Hanoi from the airport should cost from around 320,000 VND to 450,000 VND depending on where you are staying and the traffic.  So if you get stuck in traffic it will cost more. ( 1 USD = 24,600 VND)

There are tour and taxi counters at the airport where they’ll take you to the Old Quarter for a fixed fee.  It can be 500,000 VND/ one way  (Oct, 2023)

The other alternative option is using apps to book a taxi (Grab, Bee) with the price 15,000 VND/ km. 




Airport pick-up


Hotels, travel agencies also provide private car pick up service. The benefit of this option is that there will be a person waiting on you at airport and then you will be taken to the right hotel without any trouble along the way and you do not need to worry about being overcharged by scammers.

If you take our car service at the airport, we also take our driver to get you back to your hotel in the central with a decent price and guaranteed service. When you apply for Vietnam visa online with, remember to book our car service and make payment online. We will arrange every service once your payment is confirmed.


Public bus from the airport to Hanoi city 


You can take two city buses number 7 and 17 to get to Hanoi from the airport. This is the cheapest way with the charge is just 9000 VND/ way, however, you may waste more time (around 1-1.5 hour) to get downtown because they will have to stop at fixed points along the run to collect customers. Buses run every 15-20 minutes from 5 am to 10 pm, daily.

The  express airport bus number 86 which costs 40,000 VND/ one way is also a great option to go back and forth between city and airport. Staffs on buses are polite, helpful and able to speak English as well. 


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