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Apr, 2020

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A Handy Guide to Get Vietnam Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens

A Handy Guide to Get Vietnam Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens

By Vietnamvisavoa

Have you heard about Vietnam, Bangladeshi? It literally is an incredible destination with a combination of the modern and ancient beauty along with the diverse culture that makes you interesting to find out. If you do not mind flying 2,165 kilometers to Vietnam, we are here to instruct you the first step prior to departure - getting A Vietnam Visa - an important document allows Bangladeshi citizens to enter Vietnam. Let’s go out and explore the below article for easy-to-follow procedures as well as other types of visa you might concern.

What are common types of Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi?

Tourist and business visa types are frequently applied by most Bangladeshi applicants


Tourist visa

Foreign citizens who wish to enter Vietnam for traveling purposes like relaxation, real adventure, and festival activities, tourist visa is kind of visa which might suit you. You are able to stay in Vietnam for a specific period of time not to exceed 20 - 25 days. Read more Vietnam tourist visa

Business visa

This kind of visa allows foreigners coming Vietnam to attend some conferences, business meetings, training courses, … without working or conducting business there. To get a business visa, citizens of People's republic of Bangladesh are required to have a sponsor who is either local or international company/organization based in Vietnam.
Click here to learn more about other types of Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi citizens.
Apart from the purpose of visit, Vietnam visa type is categorized according to the number of entry

Single Entry visa

As the name implies, single entry visa allows applicants to enter Vietnam only one time during their visa validity.

Multiple Entry visa

Multiple entry visa, in contrast, can be used to enter and exit Vietnam unlimitedly as long as the visa remains valid.

Where do I apply for a Vietnam visa?

Bangladeshi citizen with a popular passport, need to have a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for a specific purpose. There are two official and legitimate ways that you can approach to get a visa for Vietnam: 
1) Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival
2) Apply for Vietnam visa beforehand at the Vietnam Embassy in Bangladesh

Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi citizens on arrival 


How to get a visa on arrival (VOA) ?

To apply Vietnam visa on arrival, you are required to obtain a visa approval letter before your trip, then bring this visa letter to Vietnam airport in order to receive a visa stamped on your passport. Vietnam visa approval letter arranged through a visa (travel) agency that you can easily get it online.
It is highly noted that visa on arrival just works by air. If you are planning to enter Vietnam through road or sea entry ports,  you have to contact Vietnam Embassy/Consulate to arrange a full visa stamped in your passport.

Document required

To make the process clear for visa applicants, here is the list of all requirements they need to submit for visa processing. 
► Before arrival: it is very important that you acquire a visa approval letter before your travel, here are the documents as required:
• A passport copy with validity not less than 6 months with at least 02 blank pages for visa stamp
• Some visa pages of countries you visited shown on passport (if any)
• A reservation of flight and hotel 
• Other relevant documents which depend on the type of visa
► Upon arrival: after receiving Vietnam visa approval letter, you will print it out and take it along with documents bellow to collect visa stamp at Vietnam airport. 
• A valid original passport of applicants
• A copy of Visa approval letter 
• A completed Vietnamese visa application form
• Two recently taken photos (04cm x 06 cm)
• Visa stamping fee (25 US for single entry or 50 US for multiple entry)

Vietnam visa on arrival fee

Both visa service fee and visa stamping fee are two kinds of fees the applicants need to pay. 
• Visa service fee is an arrangement fee by the travel agency who handles all visa processing on behalf of the applicant. It varies according to the purposes of visa they expect to obtain (tourist visa, business visa, TT visa,…) and can be transferred online via Credit/debit card, Paypal, Western Union, local bank transfer, … etc
•  Stamping fee is paid in cash directly at Vietnam Immigration counters in the airports. It might be either $25 or $50 decided by the number of entry visa applicants come to Vietnam.
There is no difference in the fees between adults and children for a Vietnam visa. 
Visa stamping fee should be paid in USD to avoid long waiting for change.  

Some points to remember on Vietnam visa on arrival for Bangladeshi 

 As the above-mentioned notice, visa on arrival is available for travelling to Vietnam by Air only. If Bangladeshi citizens use this kind of visa through land or sea borders, they will be denied to enter into Vietnam. 
 Ensure to check carefully all information in the visa letter to make sure that it is correct. If there is any incorrect information, you might be denied to from boarding your flight.
 Visa validity  starts from the entry date to exit date shown on the visa approval letter. Travelling to Vietnam before entry is not permitted.
 You should confirm any of your flights, accommodation and travel arrangements after you receive your visa approval letter. A flight or hotel reservation is acceptable to submit along with your visa application if required.
 Make sure that you take a hard copy of your visa approval letter to present at your flight check-in. You will not be allowed to board your flight if you don’t present your visa letter.

Is Vietnamvisavoa authorized to give Vietnam visa?

Vietnamvisavoa website is officially operated by Viet Immigration Travel Company, that is established as per the business registration No. 0107016242.
As a travel agency, we are authorized by the Vietnam Immigration Department to deal with the visa processing for foreigner travelers and to assist them to obtain a visa approval letter. 

Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy in Bangladesh

In addition to Vietnam VOA, Bangladeshi applicants could collect a visa at Vietnam Embassy in Bangladesh. It is a traditional way which is suitable for people those who wish to obtain a full visa sticker in their passport before travelling to Vietnam. Here is its detailed address:
Vintage Building, Plot No.07, Road No.104, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone: +880-2-8854052/+880-2-8854052 (ext:105)
Fax: +880-2-8854051

Document required

The required documents are subject to change depending upon the Embassy as well as which kind of visa the applicant interests in obtaining. Travelers are advised to contact Vietnam Embassy or Consulate-general to find out which documents should be submitted. Here are some suggested documents you should prepare in advance.
• A valid passport (must be valid for 6 months at least )
• Some visa pages of countries you had on his/her passport
• Hotel and flight reservation 
• Company letter 
• Two passport size (4x6 cm) photographs (no glass wear and should hold light background)
• Visa fees 
• Other relevant documents

How to apply

All the particular steps will be guided by Embassy officers after Bangladeshi nationals contact them directly. After submitting all necessary dossiers for visa processing, they will wait until 05 – 07 working days to receive a full visa sticker prior to heading to Vietnam. 

Visa cost

Vietnam Embassy will let the applicants know how much they need to pay for visa expenses. It comprises of processing fee, stamping fee, postal, shipping and handling fee expedite service (if required).

Why I applied Vietnam visa on arrival over Vietnam Embassy?

Together with the breakthrough of technology, visa on arrival truly changes the way we obtain a visa. Instead of we look for where Vietnam Embassy address as a traditional method, all processing is done entirely online with an internet-connected devices, get a visa letter becomes easier than even you are sitting at home and eating a snack at the same time.   

Vietnam tourist visa requirement and application process

To expand the tourism industry as well as introduce the images of Vietnam to the world, Vietnam government always creates favorable conditions for foreign tourists to visit Vietnam. That’s why nothing is easier than obtaining a travel visa. Once visitors prepare full required documents, they are able to get a legitimate visa and then exploring Vietnam freely. Let’s have a look to know what the visa procedures are. 
Documents to submit: 
From visa applicants: 
• A copy of your passport (6 months validity beyond your actual entry date with at least 2 vacant pages)
• Visa pages showing visa stamps of some countries that you visited before 
• Flight and hotel reservation
From travel agency:
• Vietnam visa approval letter
• Vietnam visa application form 
Step 1: Contact Vietnamvisavoa to be consulted on how to get a Vietnam visa in an efficient way
Step 2: Send the above mentioned documents via our email: We will check and let you know whether it is enough or not
Step 3: Double check your visa request via email confirmation and then make a full payment for visa processing fee 
Step 4: Relax and wait for 07 – 10 working days to get your visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration. Print it out along with visa application, original passport and two passport-sized photos to show at Vietnam airport for visa stamping. 

Frequently answered questions about Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi citizens


1. Do Bangladeshi citizens need a visa for Vietnam?

Except for those having a diplomatic or official passport, Bangladeshi citizens are required to  apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. 

2. How to apply Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi from Malaysia?

Two common ways you could consider is to acquire a visa on arrival or file an application at Vietnam Embassy in Malaysia in person. 

3. Are Bangladeshis eligible for Vietnam E-visa?

No. Currently Vietnam E-visa is available to citizens from 84 countries. With Bangladeshi passport, you are advised to apply for visa on arrival or for a visa arranged at the Vietnam Embassy. 


4. How can I apply Vietnam work visa?

Two prerequisites to file work visa application are included both Vietnamese sponsor company and work permit. A sponsor is the company which grants you a work permit and employ you to work in Vietnam legally. 

5. Visa extension and renewal are available to Bangladeshi nationals?

It is more likely to extend or renew their visa but bear in mind that the cost is extremely expensive compared with a new visa if possible. 

6. Is the visa fee refundable?

Visa service fee is refundable if your visa is rejected by the Vietnam Immigration. However, it can not be refunded once your visa application is submitted to the Immigration Department. 
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