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Jul, 2019

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Vietnam visa costs

Vietnam visa costs

By Kim Clara


When it comes to Vietnam visa on arrival, applicants must pay 2 kinds of Vietnam visa fees: Service fee and stamping fee


Vietnam visa service fee


What is service fee?

Vietnam visa service fee is the fee you pay to for assisting you to process your Vietnam visa application at Immigration Department of Vietnam. In particular, service fee is associated with re-checking your information in your Vietnam visa application, submitting your application on behalf of you to Vietnam Immigration Department, following up your visa case, sending your Vietnam visa approval letter via your email.  


The fee shall vary depending on your type of visa, nationality, visa duration and processing time.  

To refer the visa service fee, kindly assess this page. But bear in mind that this is the fee for normal nationality. If you are from special countries such as Pakistan, Cameroon, Turkey, etc. directly contact us via hotline + 84 969 255 515 or email to get the best offers.



  • The service fee will be lower for application in groups. Means that if you travel in group of 2 persons upward, each applicant pays less service fee rather than travelling individually. And Vietnam visa costs may vary depend upon your nationality also.
  • The payment for Vietnam visa service fee must be made in full by available payment methods of travel agencies. Common payment methods are: Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Cash.
  • Depending on each travel agency, the service fee would be somewhat difference. To our experience, professional service providers would charge higher price, in return, clients are well taken care of.
  • The refund for Vietnam visa service fee shall be given to applicants if their Vietnam visa applications get rejected by Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Vietnam visa stamping fee

What is stamping fee? 

Stamping fee is the charge you have to pay directly to the Immigration Counter at Vietnam airport in order to get Vietnam visa sticker on your passport. It is mandatory and fixed amount to pay to Vietnam Government. 

The rates for this fee are regulated and controlled by the Immigration Office. In the following is the latest update of visa stamping fee per person (as of 2019)   


Visa type

Stamping Fee

1 month single entry

 25 US

1 month multiple entry

 50 US

3 month single entry

 25 US

3 months multiple entry

 50 US

6 months multiple entry

 95 US

1 year multiple entry 

 135 US



  • Visa stamping fee must be paid in cash (USD)
  • Online/Card payment is not accepted to pay for stamping fee
  • The rates of stamping fee are applied to all foreigners
  • It is highly advised that all travelers should prepare exact amount as required for Vietnam stamping fee on arrival

If any further information about Vietnam visa cost is needed, our Customer-Care Consultants will respond within 2 hours during working time and 24 hours outside working time (GMT+7), pleased to contact us via:
Hotline: +84969255515 (Wechat/Viber/Whatsapp)


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