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Feb, 2024

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Urgent Vietnam visa and Emergency visa to Vietnam

Urgent Vietnam visa and Emergency visa to Vietnam

By Vietnamvisavoa

With emergency visa service, you can obtain a Vietnam visa approval letter within a few hours, even only 1 HOUR in some super urgent cases If you are getting into emergency situations or you just have a short time before your upcoming flight without a Vietnam visa in hand. An urgent or emergency Vietnam visa is needed as quick as possible. 

What are Vietnam urgent/ emergency (super urgent) visa?


• Vietnam urgent visa: can be applied for its approval within a one or two days before a travel date to Vietnam. 

• Vietnam emergency visa: can be issued within 4 business hours or even in 30 minutes after completing an online visa submission and successfully making payment. 

The most incredible thing is Vietnam urgent and emergency visa can be processed on the weekend due to your unplanned trip. 


How fast can you get Vietnam visa?


Processing Time  Suggested service  How to apply

If you have less than 3 days for your upcoming flight, please fill up a visa form online to submit your urgent  visa

Within 24 hours, a visa approval letter will be sent to your email. 

4 HOURS EMERGENCY  If you have to board in more than 5 hours, submit your request form immediately so that you are able to get a visa approval letter on time.
2 HOURS EMERGENCY If your flight leaves within less than 3 hours, you should choose this our service to obtain pre-visa approval letter via your email within 1.5 – 2 hours.
1 HOUR EMERGENCY If you have less than 2 hours for your upcoming flight, please fill up a visa form online to submit your emergency request. Within around one hour, a visa approval letter will be sent to your email. 
Just need finish your application form, then our visa consultants will assist you submit it to Vietnam Immigration Department and a visa approval letter will be sent to your email.
  • The processing time will be determined from you summit visa application and complete your online payment till you receive a visa approval letter via your email.
  • Those below options will process in case you submit your application request during business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, apart from holidays according to time zone in Vietnam (GMT +7).

How to obtain urgent and emergency (super urgent) Vietnam visa on arrival?


► For Urgent Vietnam visa on arrival 

Step 1: Fill up the visa application online or send your passport copy to our email at
Step 2: Pay the visa service fee online.
Step 3: An visa approval letter wil be sent to your email within the amount of time you require. 
Step 4: Get Visa stamp on arrival
Print your visa approval letter and prepare 2 photos of the passport size (4x6 cm) with you coming to Vietnam to get Vietnam visa stamped at the airport. 

Super urgent Vietnam visa on arrival: 


Step 1: Sumit your visa application form  or send your passport copy to our email at 
Step 2: Pay the visa service fee online.
Step 3: An visa approval letter wil be sent to your email within the amount of time you require. 
Step 4: Get Visa stamp on arrival


For any instant response, just kindly contact us via:


► Hotline: + 84 969 255 515 (We are availble on Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber, Line, Zalo,Snapchat)


► Facebook Page by going to this link 


Important Notice

  • Passport is valid at least 6 months commenced from your arrival date.
  • Stamping fee is paid in cash at the airport
  • If you are so hurry and do not have enough time to print your Visa approval letter. You can use Fast track service that our staff help you to print it for you and also assist you to get visa stamped quickly at the Visa Counter upon your arrival. 

How much does an urgent and emergency Vietnam visa cost?

There are two compulsory fees you are required to pay: Service fee and Stamping fee. Depending upon how fast your urgent visa processing is, your type of Vietnam visa and your nationalities, both fees is quite changeable. 
In term of service fee, there is an additional fee added into the normal fee. This extra fee can vary based on if your Vietnam visa is a tourist or business one. Moreover, the cost will be cheaper if you travel by group or bulk, instead of travel alone. You can follow this chart for more detail. 
Super urgent visa fee for Tourist visa 
vietnam tourist service fee voa
Super urgent visa fee for Business visa
vietnam business visa service fee voa
The other is stamping fee you will pay directly at the airport.
  • Service fee can change from time to time so it is highly recommended you to contact us via this email address: or mobile phone: to get the most updated information.
  • Visa fee for urgent or super urgent processing is refunded if your visa approval letter can not be issued within guaranteed time-frame.

When need Vietnam urgent and emergency visa?


Family emergency: You might need a rush Vietnam visa in case your family is badly needed you in the situation of family member’s death or severe illness.


Confused about Vietnam visa on arrival: When it comes to Vietnam Visa on arrival, you are supposed that you just need to fly to Vietnam airport and get visa stamped there with merely your valid actual passport. This misconception shall promote you to immediately require an urgent or emergency visa letter before your departure to Vietnam. 


Which type of visa available for urgent and emergency Vietnam visa?


You are not allowed to get any types of Vietnam visa when you want to expedite Vietnam visa. To get an idea of what sort of visa you are able to apply, check out the table below:


Vietnam urgent visa service


Who are eligible to Vietnam urgent and emergency visa 


Vietnam urgent or emergency visa is not applicable for those countries as listed in the following:






Burkina Faso


Cabo Verde

Central Africa


Côte d'Ivoire



Equatorial Guinea














South Africa












Sao Tome and Principe















United Arab Emirates






Sri Lanka






Those who are not included in the mentioned-above list is allowed to obtain a rush visa to Vietnam.


Get Vietnam urgent visa on the weekend and Vietnam public holidays?

The urgent visa application could be still processed by Vietnam Immigration Department on the weekend and holidays. However, it is strongly advised that you should find reliable visa agency that could guarantee for your application process. Please contact us for detailed assistance for applying a rush Vietnam visa on the weekend.
Extra amount of fee is charged if your visa application is processed beyond the working time of the Immigration. 

Vietnam Time zone and Vietnam Processing time regulation

You should be aware of the time difference between Vietnam Vietnam and your country for your convenient applying processing. Vietnam Standard Time is 7 hours ahead (GMT +7) so you should choose the proper time to apply a rush visa.
The other important note is that Vietnam Immigration Department works from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (from Monday to Friday), apart from holidays. And in the break time, from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (GMT +7), the processing will be temporarily halted. So remember to check time zone before applying to avoid delay visa processing.

Why should choose Vietnamvisavoa to expedite your Vietnam visa?

We understand that it is very challenging to quickly find out a reliable visa agency who can efficiently and promptly deal with your visa application at very short notice. 

Vietnamvisavoa, we are the best visa agency to seamlessly handle your visa with an easy and hassle-free procedure. We especially set us apart from other agencies because:

► Be available all the time to answer your questions, email and call fast

►  Patiently explain and explicitly guide you through all steps to successfully obtain your visa 

►  Timely delivery your visa approval letter as guaranteed 

►  Closely follow up and take care of you until you smoothly enter Vietnam 


What other clients talk about us? Vietnam Visa VOA's rating on Trustpilot


If you need Vietnam urgent or emergency visa  feel free to contact us via this email address: and hotline: +84 969 255 515. Our staffs are willing to support you 24/7 including on the weekend and guarantee for you to get Vietnam visa on arrival within your required amount of time
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