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Dec, 2019

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How to make Vietnam visa run to Cau Treo Border (Laos)

How to make Vietnam visa run to Cau Treo Border (Laos)

By Thao Le

A visa run is as a journey for foreigners to renew a Vietnam visa as well as a chance for them experience new landscapes and culture of another country. Cau Treo Border may be the cheapest and fastest route for expats to make visa run from Hanoi city.


Bus from Hanoi to Cau Treo Border


Visa runners may decide to rent or use their private vehicle to take a border crossing trip from Vietnam to Laos via Cau Treo Border. Meanwhile, majority of expats choose to take a bus due to its availability and cheapness.


Additionally, there are several reliable travel agencies offering you daily buses (seating and sleeping), some of them highly recommended are Camel, Trekking and No.14 Bus Company. Those buses regularly leave from Hanoi at around 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm, then visitors will overnight on the bus and reach Laos in the afternoon of the following day.


Visa running expats have to pay the amount of money ranging from 250,000 VND ($12) to 500,000 VND ($22) for bus fare, this fee also may change at times depending on travel seasons and bus providers. In Hanoi, travelers can easily obtain the bus ticket to get Laos at one of three following ticket offices: 35B Nguyen Huy Tuong and Nuoc Ngam Bus Station and 3A Nguyen Gia Thieu.


Exit Vietnam through Cau Treo border in Laos


Before your border crossing trip, you need to prepare some important document including your original passport, stamping fee, 02 passport - size photos, original letter of approval for Vietnam visa, and completed Vietnamese visa application form.


Once you reach Cau Treo Border, you have to get an exit stamp in Vietnam immigration counter. As soon as an exit stamp is placed on your passport, you will go on mini-bus and reach the Laos border checkpoint in order to do Laos visa. Otherwise, if you are not required Laos visa, you can enter Lao directly through the check-in counter. This might be great time for you to explore the beauty of Laos or you can choose to come back Vietnam right away.


If you are living in the sound of Vietnam, getting Vietnam visa run to Cambodia at Moc Bai border is the best option. 


Return Vietnam and get new Vietnam visa


Mind you that, you need to get a Laos exit stamp at the check-out counter before leaving Laos. In there, you are required to complete a form and show some documents including your passport, visa approval letter, passport-sized photos and pay for visa fee. Queue up, get your visa stamped and you will be back in Vietnam with a new Vietnam visa.


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