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Mar, 2019

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How to get Vietnam visa run to Laos

How to get Vietnam visa run to Laos

By Vivian Lin

A complete guide for getting Vietnam visa run to Laos

Vietnam visa run is an essential procedure to extend the time staying in Vietnam for more 3 months. Although people can apply for visa renewal inside Vietnam, visa run is still a better option because tourists are allowed to exit Vietnam and re-enter Vietnam again to get the renewed visa. This is a valuable opportunity for everyone to discover and experience the culture of another country before coming back to Vietnam. One of the most favorite destinations for visa run is Laos – a neighbor of Vietnam. With beautiful landscape, diverse culture, Laos is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the ASEAN region. In this article, we will introduce you detailed process on how to get Vietnam visa run to Laos. 

Why choose Vietnam visa run to Laos

Firstly, Vietnam lies next to Laos, therefore flight ticket from Vietnam to Laos is very cheap, especially you choose cheap airlines to save money considerably. Besides, you can save time thanks to near distance between 2 countries. You only need to spend 1 or 2 days to take a visa run trip and enjoy your experience in Laos.
In addition, Laos is an attractive tourist destination in the ASEAN region with many famous places, specific culinary and friendly people. Although Laos does not have beautiful beaches like Thailand, it owns unique peace from the slow pace of life. You can enjoy every minute in Vientiane to visit Patuxay, temples and try Laos’s food with specific spicy, sweet flavor.

Steps to get Vietnam visa run to Laos    

One of the best reasons to get Vietnam visa run to Laos is 2 countries share the same border. Therefore, you can get the visa on arrival at the border. But you can fly from Vietnam to Laos and get the visa at the Immigration office at the airport. So, let’s check this process with certain steps below:

Gathering all necessary documents

Documents like your passport, the ticket, online application form and visa fee should be prepared carefully before your visa run trip. Also, make sure your passport with over 30 days validity; this is a requirement of visa renewal. Moreover, you need to remember the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) for online application. After preparing all your documents, print them out and bring them to the airport on Laos side to get the visa.
Next step is applying for the visa on arrival before taking a flight back to Vietnam. The official website for you to do this is Maybe, you have to wait from 2 working days (for tourist visa) or 5 working days (for a business visa). When you get Letter of Approval successfully, copy it and get it stamped at the airport.

Exiting Vietnam and Entering Laos

The simplest way for your visa run trip is to fly to Vientiane. You can go either from Noi Bai airport in Hanoi or Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City. At the airport, you will get an Exit stamp which allows you to leave Vietnam.
When you arrive at the airport in Vientiane, bring all of your documents to the Immigration check-in counter and they will be processed there. If everything is valid, you will get the visa stamp. You just need to wait for your flight to Vietnam or discover Vientiane if you find it interesting.

Re-entering Vietnam and getting Vietnam visa stamped

This is the final step in the visa run procedure. When you arrive at either Noi Bai International airport or Tan Son Nhat International airport, you have to present your passport with an Exit stamp, copied version of Letter of Approval, 2 passport-sized photos, application form and pay the fee in the Immigration check-in counter.
If you want to get the visa run by land, you can go to the closest border of Laos to finish the procedure. Please notice that getting visa run by land only allowed you to enter Vietnam through the border you applied. You can contact us via email or phone number if you need help in the course of doing procedure of visa run by land.
We believe you have enough understanding of procedure on Vietnam visa run to Laos after reading our article. If you still don’t know how to get to Laos from Vietnam, we recommend you some airlines with cheap tickets and high quality. You can choose Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, or Air Asia. They are all favorite airlines of Vietnamese and international tourists so you don’t have to worried about their services. If you want to choose foreign airlines, Laos’s airline could be a good choice. You can prepare around 100$ to pay for the trip and experiences in Laos. This is really the best deal for you even in high season because you get not only Vietnam visa run but also a memorable journey to the neighbor of Vietnam.
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