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Jul, 2019

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How to apply urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Pakistani in Singapore

How to apply urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Pakistani in Singapore

By Kim Clara

It is the truth that it always takes 5 working days to get Vietnam visa for Pakistani nationals. However, if you need to travel urgently Vietnam, we still asisst you to obtain urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Pakistani from Singpaore in short notice.


How quickly is your visa application handled by us, let’s consider one of two options for rush Vietnam visa in following:


3 working days process


This option provides a shorter amount of procesing time. Let’s say if you have emergency and need to visit Vietnam as fast as possible. So, 5 or 7 working days may be too long to wait for your visa, which is why this option is recommended to gurantee that your vietnam visa approval letter will arrive in your email within 3 working days.


2 working days process


This option shortens your waiting time a bit in comparison of 3 working days. This is the fastest Vietnam visa processing time that a Pakistani citizen can apply with visa on arrival. Of course, it is the most expensive one but is very ideal for those who are in rush.


Important notes


The period from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm in a day is counted as 01 working day. Please note that we always mention collection/submission time according to Vietnam time due to the time difference between Vietnam and the country where you are residing.



Can Pakistani national get Vietnam visa online at the weekend or Public Holiday?


Unfortunately, being Pakistani passport holder, express Vientam visa process is not applied at the weekend or on our Public Holiday. Thus, the best advice is to always be well-prepare your visa applacation as far as possible.


Contact us right now if you’re wishing to get a quick Vietnam visa for Pakistani citizen in Singapore


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