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Aug, 2019

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Common misunderstandings about Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) that Pakistani travelers must be aware

Common misunderstandings about Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) that Pakistani travelers must be aware

By Thu Nguyen

Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable on Pakistani passport. Nevertheless, still many Pakistani are confused about this visa type. To avoid any unwanted troubles, be aware of common misunderstandings as below:


1. Vietnam visa can be issued at Vietnam airport

Many Pakistani believe that they can get Vietnam visa sticker without applying for Vietnam visa online. To get Vietnam visa on arrival, you first must submit a Vietnam visa request online through to get Vietnam visa letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. 


2. Applicants can travel by land/sea with Vietnam visa approval letter

Vietnam visa on arrival works in case you travel by plane to Vietnam only. If you enter Vietnam by such ways as: by land/sea from neighboring countries, you must get Vietnam visa sticker on your passport at Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate.

3. Vietnam visa validity.

The validity of your Vietnam visa is indicated clearly on your Vietnam visa approval letter. You only can enter and exit Vietnam at any date within that period of time, entering Vietnam before or exiting Vietnam after that time is not allowed. In case, you do not travel to Vietnam while your Vietnam visa is valid, it is automatically NULL.

4. Vietnam visa approval letter can be issued on urgent basis

On Pakistani passport, it takes between 7 – 10 working days, sometimes; it even takes much longer time to have Vietnam visa letter issued. To avoid any hassles, you should submit your Vietnam visa application form as soon as you plan your trip.


5. Payment for Vietnam visa will be done after Vietnam visa letter is approved

Like other service, you must pay in advance in order to process your Vietnam visa approval letter. In case, your visa request is rejected, Vietnam visa agency would refund you.

6. Find out mistake in Vietnam visa approval letter at last minutes

It is your duty to double check all details such as: Full name, nationality.. etc. to make sure that there is no mistakes in Vietnam visa approval letter. Notify us too late may not help in solving the problems and chance are that you won’t be able to board your plane.


7. Invitation letter from Vietnamese friend is enough

If you have any Vietnamese friend who invites you to Vietnam, it does not mean that you don’t have to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter. To be allowed to enter Vietnam, you must get Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

8. Unaware of OK TO BOARD

Pakistani, when they travel on airlines such as Malindo or Emirates airline, they are normally required to show OK TO BOARD along with Vietnam visa approval letter. Do double check with your airline to see if OTB is a must, if yes, get it ready at least 3 days prior to your flight.

9. Applicants must  book flight and hotels to submit Vietnam visa application

It is not required. When you apply for Vietnam visa request, applicant just needs to make reservation for flight and hotels. You should never book flight and hotel not until your Vietnam visa letter is approved by Immigration

10. Passengers can always board the plane 

Most of the time, officers at airport allow you to board your plane if you show up Vietnam visa approval letter, original passport. Still in some cases, once officers suspect your travel purpose base on: age, travel plan, source of income, your reaction… they reserve the right to let you leave your country. 

11. Vietnam visa fee and requirements are always the same

This is not always true. Vietnam visa fee and requirement are subjected to change depend upon Vietnam Immigration. You should always contact visa consultant for updating. 

12. Pay stamping fee in Pakistani Rupees 

 Pakistani currency is not known in Vietnam territory. Therefore, you should carry USD with you to pay for Vietnam visa stamping fee. Do prepare exact amount for stamping ($25 US for single entry/ $50 US for multiple entries).

13. Vietnam visa extension always works well

Vietnam visa regulation may change from time to time without prior notice. Extending your Vietnam visa is sometimes no possible. If yes, still it takes from 7 to 10 working days and extension fee is costly.

14. Extending your Vietnam visa can be done upon arrival airport

It is not possible to get Vietnam visa extended at Vietnam Airport. Therefore, you should enter and exit Vietnam as your schedule. In case, you need to extend your stay, contact your visa agent!
Hopefully, above information is helpful for you. If you still have any concerns, inquires about Vietnam visa, we are glad to talk to you:
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