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Jul, 2019

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Business Vietnam visa for Iraqi

Business Vietnam visa for Iraqi

By Kim Clara

Is it difficult for Iraqi passport holders to obtain business Vietnam visa?

No, it is not. You can read the following article to get more detail.

Nowadays, so many foreign investors and people (especially Iraqi people) have been coming to Vietnam to seek different chances about business opportunities; however, they are querying about how to get business Vietnam visa. We are delighted to provide Iraqi citizens with detail information about procedure, service fee and required documents to obtain Vietnam visa. 

What are requirements on obtaining business Vietnam visa in Iraqi?
Being Iraqi passport holders, they must have a company/organization based in Vietnam to sponsor them with legal documents. 
At the moment, there are two ways to obtain business Vietnam visa. We will provide you with detail information about business visa in both ways and we hope that you will select the best way on your own. 
Apply for business Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in nearest your location
Currently, there is no Vietnam embassy in Iraq yet so you can contact with Vietnam embassy in other countries near your location to get business Vietnam visa. 

Apply for business Vietnam visa at Vietnam visa on arrival online

With online and secured way, you can get business Vietnam visa on arrival at through following simple steps listed:

Step 1: Submit Vietnam visa on arrival request 

First, you fill in the online form here or send an email to us via with copy of your passport and copy of business license of your company sponsoring you. Then our company will work with your sponsor to do all necessary formality and submit your business Vietnam visa application at Vietnam Immigration department. 

Step 2: Pay Vietnam visa service online

Our company will send you an email about making payment for Vietnam visa service so that Vietnam visa approval letter is issued. The service fee for business Vietnam visa is changeable depending upon whether it is 1 month/3 months, single/ multiple entry visa.


Step 3: Collect business Vietnam visa approval letter. 

Within 05 working days, you will receive Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam via your email. It is noted that you should double check all details to make sure that there are no errors in your letter. And print the letter out as well as take it on your flight to Vietnam.

Step 4: Receive Vietnam visa upon arrival

After arriving Vietnam international airport, you will go to visa upon arrival area and submit documents includes: Original passport, Vietnam visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form attached with passport photo and pay for stamping fee in cash ($25 US/ single entry visa, $50 US/ multiple entry visa). And you will receive a sticker on your passport back.
+ Your passport must have at least 6-month validity. 
+ Those requirements to get business Vietnam visa for Iraqi people will be changeable depending on different periods and the information from Vietnam Immigration Department.
+ A business Vietnam visa can last up to 3 months. 
If you need further information about business Vietnam visa, feel free to contact us via: 
Hotline: + 84 969 255 515
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