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Aug, 2019

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How Pakistani apply for business Vietnam visa?

How Pakistani apply for business Vietnam visa?

By Thu Nguyen

 Pakistani business men when they travel to Vietnam for business purpose such as: visiting potential business partner, seeking business opportunity or working for a company in Vietnam, they would need to obtain a Vietnam business visa. Let's tell you how to obtain business Vietnam visa on Pakistani passport.


1. Requirement

To apply for business Vietnam visa, Pakistani applicants must have a sponsor company based in Vietnam to help with legal documents.

2. Procedure

Step 1. Sponsor Company sends us a copy of company business license to check the ability of sponsoring.
Step 2: We prepare necessary papers such as: invitation letter, working schedule... send back to the sponsor
Step 3: Company signs in, puts stamp on required documents, post to our office
Step 4: Vietnam visa approval letter for business purpose is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department
Step 5: Applicant flies to Vietnam with Vietnam visa approval letter
Step 6: Applicant collects Vietnam visa sticker on passport upon arrival

3. Processing time 

Once documents are submitted to Immigration Department of Vietnam, it normally takes within 07 working days to issue business Vietnam visa approval letter. 

4. Visa validity:

A business Vietnam visa may last either 1 month or 3 months. 3 months visa validity is issued if only Sponsor Company owns a sufficient authorized capital (more than 1 billion VND or 50000 USD)

5. Vietnam visa fee

Like tourist Vietnam visa, when you apply for business Vietnam visa online, you also pay 2 kinds of fee: Service fee and stamping fee 
Service fee for business visa, usually costs higher than a tourist visa’s ones. 1 month single visa approval letter costs from $150 US, 3 months multiple one costs between $ 500 US. 
Stamping fee is paid upon arrival to have Vietnam visa sticker on your passport. 
1 month/ 3 months single: $25 US
1 month/ 3 months multiple: $50 US

6. Business Vietnam visa extension

Is it possible to extend business visa in Vietnam? Yes of course. Extension fee is also expensive, though. To do extension, your sponsor also signs in some papers and your original passport must be collected. Extension takes within 7 working days and you had better do visa extension 01 week in advance before your current visa expires.

7. Related questions about long term Vietnam visa. 

What to do if I want to work in Vietnam for a longer time ?
 Business Vietnam visa is applied for those who wish to work in Vietnam for less than 3 months. If you want to stay and work a long time in Vietnam for 1 or 2 year, you should apply for work Vietnam visa (LD visa) or Vietnam resident card
I am in Vietnam on a business visa/ resident card; I want to bring my wife and children with me to live in Vietnam. What visa type can they get?
Option 1: Apply for tourist Vietnam visa. This visa type lasts less than 1 month on Pakistani passport. If your wife/ children come for a short visit, apply for Vietnam tourist visa for simple procedure.
Option 2: Obtain visit visa (TT). This is for visiting family member purpose. You need to show legal documents of your family relations: marriage certificate, birth certificate. At the same time, your sponsor company will sign in papers for submitting visa request. In case you are already in Vietnam with a resident card, your wife and children (under 18 years old) can also apply for dependent resident cards. Validity of their resident card will be depended upon yours.
For any further enquires about business Vietnam visa on Pakistani passport or any information related to Vietnam visa in general, we are glad to discuss with you. Find us at: 
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