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Feb, 2024

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Emergency Vietnam E visa I Vietnam visa express. How to apply ?

Emergency Vietnam E visa I Vietnam visa express. How to apply ?

By Vietnamvisavoa

You are travelling to Vietnam very soon and your Vietnam E visa from Immigration website still show "processing" status?
You have booked your flight to Vietnam and forgot about your Vietnam visa?
You submitted wrong information on your Vietnam E visa?
You need to have a Vietnam E visa as quickly as possible? 
We are here to assist you, provide you with emergency, rush Vietnam visa service.
Reliable, trust worthy Vietnam visa agency, Vietnam visa VOA
Everything you need to know about Vietnam E visa
As you may know, when you submit your Vietnam e visa at offical website of Vietnam Immigration, there is only 01 option for normal processing time which takes within 03 working days. In fact, it may takes 05-10 working days to hear from Immigration. In case you must modify any details in your Vietnam evisa application, it even takes longer time. 
You want your Vietnam Visa request processed urgently?
Contact us RIGH AWAY 
Hotline: +84.969.255.515

What do we need for rush, urgent Vietnam E visa?


1. Case 1: You already submitted your Vietnam E visa request at Immigration website and you must expedite your Vietnam evisa application

Please share with us documents as below:
Registration code sent by Immigration 
The entry point
Passport copy
Email address
For the first step, we will double check if you noted exact details in your submitted Vietnam e visa application. If everything is correct, depend upon how quickly your want to  receive your Vietnam evisa result, we will recommend you the most suitable service that meet your need. 
In case your passport number or full name…  is inexact, a new visa order must be replaced. 
When we expedite your submitted evisa order, we only could check your name and your passport number, all other details can not be seen by anyone except for Vietnam Immigration. Therefore, you must take full responsibility in case there is any incorrect details in your Vietnam evisa. 

2. Case 2: Get a Vietnam evisa done on urgent basis with us. 


You completely forget about applying for Vietnam visa prior to your trip or you may get a Vietnam Evisa however you are declined because of the errors on your done Vietnam evisa. 


Contact us right away and our experienced Vietnam visa consultants will be at your assistance. 


What do you need to send us?

Passport copy

01 passport sized photo/ portrait photo 

Email address 

Your flight number to Vietnam


Base on your flight schedule,our Vietnam visa consultant will suggest you the best option for your emergency Vietnam visa request.


We always manage to provide clients with express and accurate Vietnam Evisa so that their trip to Vietnam goes smoothly. 


How payment for an emergency Vietnam visa is made?


Once you finalize which service to take, we will share a secured payment link so that you could pay Online for us by Creditcard/ Visa Card/ Mastercard. After your payment, we will submit your Vietnam e visa on an urgent basis and the visa result will be sent via email once it is ready.


Do you need to get your Vietnam e-visa printed?


It is recommended to get your Vietnam Evisa printed out. However, if you can not find a printer, you just need to save your Vietnam Evisa in your mobile device and you must show your done Vietnam Evisa at the check -in counter. 


Emergency Vietnam e-visa processing time

2-4 working hours service


 If you must take your flight in some hours, it is recommended to give us a call at + 84 969 255 515 ( Zalo/ Whatsapp/ Viber/ Wechat). Please mention your nationality and your flight details to suggest you the best option. 


01 working day service


 We ensure you that e-visa result will be ready within 01 working day ( Vietnam time)


02 working day service


 We guarantee your Vietnam e-visa result will be available within 02 working days (Vietnam time)


Please note that we are available 24/7 to assist clients however it does not mean that your Vietnam  E-visa request will be granted 24/7. Currently, Vietnam evisa is issued by Vietnam Immigration during their working hours only. 


Vietnam Immigration working hours 


From Monday to Friday: 8 a.m- 11 a.m and from 1:30 a.m to 4 p.m


No emergency/ urgent service is available during the weekend (Saturday, Sunday and national holiday).


Also, you should keep in mind about different time zone, we are based in Vietnam, Vietnam time zone is GMT +7. 

 In addition, you must get ready for your Vietnam visa at the check- in counter from the departure airport.

In case, your Vietnam e-visa status shows "processing status" or you do not have any valid Vietnam visas, you are not able to check in your flight. 



Emergency Vietnam e visa fee

How much does an urgent Vietnam e-visa cost?

Express Vietnam visa or Urgent Vietnam e-visa fees vary depending upon how fast you want to get your Vietnam visa done, whether you submitted e-visa at Vthe ietnam Immigration website or not and it also depends upon different visa agencies. 

Get an express Vietnam visa with


02 - 04 working hours

Contact us at + 84 969 255 15 (Zalo/ Viber/ Whatsapp). This service is not always available. You are recommended to contact us directly for instant support. 


01 working day

$115 US/ person for 30 days single entry e-visa. Submitted by 6 p.m Vietnam time today, get result by 6 p.m the next working day. 


02 working days

$90 US/ person for 30 days single entry e-visa. Receive your Vietnam e-visa express result within 2 working days.

In case you already submitted your E visa correctly at the Immigration website, we will deduct the official fee that you already paid.


Note: No extra fee upon arrival

As this is a Vietnam e-visa, you do not need to pay any stamping fees upon arrival.

Simply take with you your valid passport along with a correct Vietnam e-visa and you will legally enter Vietnam with an entry stamp on your passport. 


Payment method for rush Vietnam e-visa 

We accept: Credit Card/ Debit Card, Paypal, Vietnam local bank transfer. 
How to contact us for urgent Vietnam e visa? 
There are different ways to reach our support team for your Vietnam urgent visa request:
Hotline: +84 969 255 515
Fill in urgent Vietnam visa request form here

Why to apply for an emergency Vietnam visa with Vietnamvisavoa?

4.8/5 * rating on Trustpilot from worldwide clients

In case you have 5 - 7 working days to apply for Vietnam e-visa and want to submit Vietnam e-visa application form by yourself without making any mistakes, you can refer to the detail guidance here: 


Not to forget:


-  Passport: Only ordinary passports are used for Vietnam evisa application form. Travel documents and emergency passport are not accepted.


-  Portrait photo: Do not crop your image from your passport page, do not wear glasses. Being half-naked or wearing tank top  must be avoided.


-  Children: If your children have their own passport, a seperate Vietnam e-visa request must be made for them. 


-  Vietnam e-Visa application Refusal: Vietnam Immigration reserve the right to approve or decline your Vietnam visa request. In case you are in the restricted list/ blacklist of Vietnam Immigration Department, your Vietnam visa application will be refused. In such cases, we will inform you and only the offical fee ($25 US/ single entry or $50 US/ multiple entry)  will be charged by the Vietnam Immigration Department. 


Last but not need, be well prepared for your abroad trip, especially your Vietnam visa or else you will cope with stressful moments, expensive last minutes services. 

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