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Jul, 2019

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Job offers  in Vietnam for foreigners

Job offers in Vietnam for foreigners

By Kim Clara

Vietnam is increasingly attractive for many foreigners and many of them consider taking advantage of Indochina’s developing job market and start working in Vietnam. If you are planning on working in Vietnam, it is essential that you understand the aspects to work in Vietnam and the country’s cultural values and traditions.

While working in Vietnam, you will find that Vietnamese companies function in a defined hierarchical manner. The work environment is similar to Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Japan. It is the oldest person in the company who is the decision maker so you should pay respect for your coworkers and partners, especially if they are older than you.The Vietnamese have a healthy work ethic and are generally hardworking and industrious.

Vietnam’s economy has developed well with the government reforms in every key sector of the economy, which are agriculture, food industry, textile, furniture, energy, tourism and telecommunications. All of reforms consist of privatizing public companies, introducing effective moneytary policies and stimulating foreign investments as well.

That is the reason why Vietnam is a very attractive destination for skillful and experienced expats and there are a lot of opportunities for foreigners. However, for most travelers, the main work opportunity is teaching English as a foreign language. English is by far the most popular foreign language with Vietnamese learners. Also, there is some demand for Mandarin and French too. Most foreigners take over many positions in private language centres ($10USD to $18USD per hour) and even home tutoring($15USD to $25USD per hour). Furthermore, some government-run schools from kindergarden to universities in Vietnam also hire some foreign teachers. You can get more chances in Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi city than in the provinces.


Other jobs are in IT industries, construction and tourism. There are also many NGOs operating out of Vietnam, particularly in Hanoi.

To begin working in Vietnam, expats need to apply for business visa and secure a work permit. Foreigners need to have a work contract and employer who can provide you with further parperworks .The Vietnamese government starts to implement stricter visa regulations which makes it more difficult in the future so any expat wishes to work in Vietnam need to be in possession of a valid work permit.

Expats can either apply for a work permit from within Vietnam or from abroad with the help of their employer or a contracted visa agency. Vietnam visa on arrival offers this service and even make the application form for visa issuance, stay extension for foreigners wishing to work in Vietnam.

For further information relating to working in Vietnam, how to get Vietnam work permit and long-term Vietnam visa, please contact us via support@vietnamvisavoa.com to receive the best consulting for any particular situation.



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