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Apr, 2020

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Vietnam transit visa

Vietnam transit visa

By Vietnamvisavoa

If your trip has layover in Vietnam, then you might wonder if you need to apply for Vietnam transit visa. 
You can need or don’t need a transit visa that depends on each of scenario. In this cope of the guideline, we will clearly indicate whether or not you need a visa to transit in Vietnam. And, you can learn how to apply a transit visa in case if required. 

Do I need a visa to transit in Vietnam?


All non-visa-exempt travelers are required to have  a visa to transit through Vietnam in the following cases:


  • They pass through Vietnam airport more than 24 hours and who intend to leave the airport transit area or the airport to explore the country for a while.


  • Even though those travelers have their layover within 24 hours, they might be required to leave the transit area for a certain reason. For example, you have to clear immigration to collect your luggage for your connecting flight or just want to go outside of the airport.


Can I transit through Vietnam without a visa?


It is possible to transit through an airport in Vietnam without a visa in the following cases:


  • The travelers are exempted from Vietnam visa


  • Their layover is less than 24 hours and stay within transit area


  • They travel by a full-service airline (many low-cost airlines such as Jet Star and Vietjet Air will not provide travelers with transit support service even in a very short of time).


  • Those who enter Vietnam by sea are if they remain to stay in their ship while it is anchored at an Vietnam seaport.


  • Those who are holding a valid visa with multiple entry because this type of entry allows them enter Vietnam as many times as they wish during their validity.


 Vietnam transit visa requirement


As stipulated by the Law No.47/2014/QH13 which came into effect since January 1, 2015 about foreigner entry, exit, transit or residence in Vietnam, those meet fully the requirement as mentioned as bellow can get a Vietnam transit visa:

• Passport with at least 6 month validity
• Valid onward ticket to the 3rd country
• Visa page to the third country 


How to get Vietnam transit visa


To apply transit visa, you can choose one of three methods as suggested as bellows:


• Get Vietnam transit visa on arrival (for airline only)


You can easily apply for a transit visa by submit your application online here. Bear in mind that all information you provided must be fully and correctly. After making payment for the service fee, you will receive the visa approval letter through your mail after 2 working days or less. 


All you need to do is to print it out and show it at Vietnam airport along with original passport, 2 passport-sized photos to get transit visa upon arrival.


(*) This way is JUST recommended if you transit in Vietnam through airlines. 


• Get a transit visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate 


Applying a transit visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate where you are residing  if you wish to obtain a full visa before your departure. In this way, you are advised to contact the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate for further procedure. 


• Get a transit visa through Cruise Company (by sea only)


Some cruises will obtain a visa to Vietnam on behalf their passengers. If you can contact your Cruise to check if they avail this service. 


•  Get Electronic visa (e-visa) for transit


Acquiring a Vietnam e-visa (electronic visa for transit purpose is rather easy and simple. With this way, you need to fill out online a visa application form, upload your photo and passport page and pay for visa service fee (25USD). After 3 working days, you will get e-visa confirmation. 


However, not every citizen can apply e-visa. Currently citizens from 84 countries eligible for Vietnam e-visa. To learn more about this visa facility and how to apply it, please go to this link:

Vietnam transit cost


Vietnam visa fee varies according to which way you choose to get it. It only costs 25USD if you apply it through E-visa. 


About the Embassy of Vietnam, it can be different from this embassy to another, hence you need directly contact them for details of their visa fee. 

The visa on arrival fee is clearly presented here if getting Vietnam transit visa on arrival at the airport.


Frequently asked questions about Vietnam transit visa

Q: I will travel to Japan (Tokyo) with a transit in Vietnam. Do I need a Vietnam visa?

A: This depends on your flight which is a connecting flight or not. If you are in a connecting flight, you do not need a Vietnam visa. However, if you are in separate flights and need to check in again for your second flight, you must obtain Vietnam visa. You can apply for a Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy or apply for visa online easily at


Q: I am a Chinese passport holder. I want to transfer in Noi Bai International Airport and stay there for about eight hours, but I will not go outside the airport. So, do I need to apply for a Vietnam visa?


You should check with your airline's agent if your luggage will be automatically transferred from one flight to another. If so, you don't need to move out of the transit area, and you would not need to apply for a transit visa.


However, if you have to get out of the transit area to reach the baggage claim belt yourself, you need to apply a visa to pass the Immigration checking booth.


 Q: I just received a passport back after I applied for a Chinese visa, and I will leave for China on Thursday 7th February. Then, I will travel to Vietnam by land on a tour so cannot get a paper visa and require a passport visa, however will need this for Thursday. How can I do this?

A: Once you enter Vietnam by land, you should go to the Embassy/Consulate in China to apply for urgent visa to Vietnam in person. Please contact them for detailed process and fees.

Obtaining a Vietnam visa is not complicated and don't waste you too much time. However, you should understand that it is often not necessary if you are just connecting. As long as you meet these requirements above, you will not have any trouble transiting without a visa in Vietnam.



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