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Feb, 2020

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Ha Giang- Breathtaking landscapes

Ha Giang- Breathtaking landscapes

By Thao Le


Ha Giang is not only a wonderful land in the eyes of amazing adventurers, but also obviously be a “lover” who embraces the wholehearted feeling of “guests” whenever they have chance to get lost in.


Ha Giang is a province in Northeastern Vietnam and is known as Vietnam’s final frontier. It has mountainous topography with the least potential for agricultural development. The province borders China with a length of over 270 kilometers. This wonderful land has very cool climate in summer and extremely cold in winter even sometimes having snow falling down. The temperature in Ha Giang ranges from 5-28 Celcius degree, which is pretty ideal for tourism.


Setting your feet in Ha Giang, your eyes will be immediately “attacked” by spectacular views.


Below, you’ll see How amazing it is!



Dong Van Rock Plateau


Right from the start when you are welcomed to Ha Giang, absolutely your eyes will be flooded by the whole amazing natural views of Dong Van Rock Plateau –the impressive limestone and granite peaks and outcrops. Extensive area of limestone with unique formation of peaky rocks shape Dong Van Rock Plateau, that’s why it is recognized by the UNESCO as one of 77 geological parks in the world.


Dong Van Rocl Plateu

                                              Dong Van Rock Plateau - Source: Cuongg Nguyen


Lung Cu flag pole


Don’t miss the chance to release yourself and find the way to please your eyes by reaching the Lung Cu flag pole-also known as the dragon-mountain top. Flag pole symbolizes the position and sovereignty of the country honoring the spirit of patriotism, valiantly protecting every sacred land of Viet Nam. You will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air as well as enjoy the harmony of universe to the full. With those who have amazing sense of adventure, this is the must-go spot that can’t be overlooked. By the way, don’t forget to take some nice pictures to complete your “adventure book”.


Lung cu flag tower

                                         Lung Cu Flag Pole


Quan Ba Twin Mountain 


Quan Ba Twin mountain is a gorgeous symbol of the Dong Van highland telling a story about the dedicating of a heavenly mother who have great heart, volunteer to leave her breasts to raise her baby-the gift of love between her and husband when she forced to come back the heaven. It is truly the crystalline beauty of nature and tectonic recognized as the national scenic spot. You cannot help admiring the spectacular mountains, the unique gift which heaven blesses for Ha Giang.


Quan Ba twin moutain

                                       Quan Ba Twin Mountain


Ma Pi Leng pass 


Ma Pi Leng is the most risky but beautiful Pass in the northern border mountain area appealing a lot of adventurers as it worth to challenge. It is considered as the king of the Vietnam’s pass or Great Wall of Vietnam or the Pyramid of the Meo. At the top of Ma Pi Leng is the happiness road with a stone stela recording the marks in the construction process- a full of hardship process long time ago when it was created by only people’s hand and the final happiness - that is the trade-off. Its scenery is unique with majestic and wild beauty, especially people are truly the great spots coloring Ha Giang.


                                 Ma Pi Leng Pass - Source: Pixabay


Nho Que River 


Nho Que River is also an attractive destination for tourists. It is located on Ma Pi Leng Mountain and is regarded as the mystery of nature. You can contemplate a river like a silky fillet looming in fog which reaching endlessly to horizon and brings you a pleasant sensation of a naturally romantic masterpiece.


                                                  Nho Que River - Source: Cuongg Nguyen


Pho Cao village


Come through Pho Cao, you could be obsessed with the chuckling laugh of children when they hum the song together, the sound “lọc cọc” of old cycle reaching over the long road and the bunches of thick clouds seem to gulp everything in front of it down, people will be sorrow in that fairy tale but voluntarily ‘cause that amazing landscape of course will capture their soul. Don’t miss Pho Cao as it would be a mind-blowing expericence which never let you down.


                                   Pho Cao village - Source: Cuongg Nguyen


Tham Ma Slope


Taking over so many pass roads to know how magnificent roads are like in Ha Giang, you also do not miss a no.1 slope, namely Tham Ma. It is a very famous nine-section pass in Ha Giang, this is a familiar site for young people who love to explore and conquer when they come to Ha Giang.


According to the old legend, Tham Ma are literally meant as the slope used to evaluate horse power. The horse was used to carry goods from the bottom of the slope, any horse that can reached the peak and still strong, are the best horse, in contrast those one that are weak and breathless, must be died ( mean that, they will become one kind of well-known food in Ha Giang with the name Thang Co).


                                       Tham Ma Slope - Source: Pixabay


Best time suggest to visit Ha Giang


                                                               Ha Giang - Source: Pixabay


  March is considered the most beautiful time of Ha Giang tourism, with peach blossom gardens, plum flowers blooming with vivid colors.


  May and June are "water-pouring seasons", you will admire the winding terraces to welcome water from the top of the mountain. Water overflows on the fields looks like a beautiful new coat, this is also the time people start bustling down to the field to prepare for a new crop.


  Tourism in Ha Giang in August and September is the season of ripe rice, the terraced fields are golden and beautiful. You not only admire the majestic scenery, but also feel the sweet aroma of ripe rice.


  October is the time when the triangular flower blooms across the hillsides, the mountain legs are full of beautiful purple.


Get out of hustle and bustle lifestyle, Ha Giang will please you!


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