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Mar, 2019

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 How Vietnam visa on arrival differs from visa at Vietnam Embassy?

How Vietnam visa on arrival differs from visa at Vietnam Embassy?

By Vivian Lin

There are 2 common options for travelers to get Vietnam visa including applying for Vietnam visa on arrival and submitting Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate. Each of them seems to be quite different in terms of applicable applicants, requirements, fees, procedures and processing time. Let’s get more details about their differences here to choose the most suitable one for yourself.


Applicable applicants


Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable for air travelers only while everyone can apply for the visa to Vietnam at the Vietnam Embassy in their area.


Required documents


When it comes to applying for Vietnam visa on arrival you just need to prepare 1 copy of your passport. Meanwhile in the traditional way, getting visa at Vietnam Embassies, each applicant has to hand in application form with signature and photo attached, original passport. Sometimes they are required to provide some extra papers depending Embassy’s regulations such as hotel reservation, tour booking, flight ticket.


Vietnam visa fee


Regarding Vietnam visa on arrival cost, there are 2 specific fees including service fee and stamping fee. The service fee is paid for local visa agent to get your visa approval letter while stamping fee is paid at Visa counter at Vietnam international airport to stamp visa.

On contrary, you just make payment for the visa at Embassy once when you submitting your documents there.


Visa procedures


For Vietnam visa on arrival, applicants just need to submit visa application form online via secured network of We then send their visa application and do other necessary procedures on their behalf at Vietnam Immigration Department in order to get the approval letter for them.


When landing in Vietnam international airports, the applicant present the approval letter, required documents (Vietnamese application form and 2 passport-sized photos) at Visa on arrival counter and pay stamping fee for Immigration officers to have visa stamped on their passport.


With regard to Vietnam visa at Embassy, foreigners have to go to the Vietnam Embassy in person or post their documents. Obviously, it takes longer time even there is a risk of loosing important documents while posting.  However, applicant gets visa already stamped onto his/her passport before they fly to Vietnam.


Processing time


The normal time to get visa on arrival is 2 working days but you can definitely receive the approval letter within 1 working day or even 4 working hours depending on the processing time you choose on application form.


In case you apply for Vietnam visa at Embassy, you usually spend at least 5-7 working day to issue the visa.


You can see that overall, visa on arrival is more convenient to get Vietnam visa at Embassy. If you want to get visa on arrival, access to this link or contact us at or hotline +84.969 255 515 for further information and get the best support from our team.


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