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Mar, 2019

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How to get Vietnam visa for Tunisia passport holders?

How to get Vietnam visa for Tunisia passport holders?

By Vivian Lin

When Tunisia citizens travel to Vietnam, they can either apply for visa at Vietnam Embassy or they can apply for visa upon arrival airport

You are Tunisia passport holder, you would like to travel to Vietnam and you are wondering if you need to get Vietnam visa or not and how to get Vietnam visa easily ? All your questions about Vietnam visa for Tunisian will be answered in this post.


1.    Do Tunisia need Vietnam visa or not? 


► Case 1: If you hold a Tunisian official or diplomatic passport, you are entitled to get a Vietnam visa exemption for a maximum stay of 60 days. If the citizen needs to reside in Vietnam for more than this exempted duration, then a valid Vietnam visa will be required.

Case 2: If you hold a regular Tunisian passport, you are required to apply for Vietnam visa in order to travel to Vietnam for any purposes: vacation, business…


2.    How to get Vietnam visa for Tunisian passport holders?


In general, there are two ways of getting Vietnam visa for Tunisia citizen


  *Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival at to get stamped visa upon arrival

  * Getting Vietnam Visa done at Vietnam Embassy


Each way has its own benefits, let get more details as below:


2.1. Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival at


This visa on arrival is applied in case you are flying into Vietnam only. No matter fromwhere you are travelling to Vietnam, you just need to make sure that you are taking plane to Vietnam to get Vietnam visa upon arrival.

What do you need to present for getting Vietnam visa on arrival?

A copy of your passport

Your proposal entry – exit date

Your requested visa type

Above documents must be sent to our email: .Our staff then will check your detail before sending you invoice to make payment for service fee. As soon as the payment is received, we will do necessary procedure to sumbit your visa request at Vietnam Immigration. Your visa approval letter will be issued by Vietnam Immigration Department after 5-7 working days and it will be sent to your email once it is ready. Next step, you just need to print out the documents, take with you on the plane. Once you arrive in Vietnam Airport, you are going to submit the documents includes: Your original passport, Vietnamese visa approval letter, Vietnam visa application form and stamping fee in cash to Immigration officer. You then get Vietnam visa stamped on your passport. Welcome you to Vietnam!

As can be seen that requirement for Vietnam visa on arrival for Tunisian is just simple and easy, Vietnam visa on arrival is definitely highly recommended option for Tunisian passport holder to get Vietnam visa.


2. Applying for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy 


Besides getting Vietnam visa on arrival, Tunisian citizens still can get their Vietnam visa done at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in any places which are convenient for them. Applying for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy means that you will approach the Embassy of Vietnam  in person  and submit your Vietnam visa application directly at Vietnam Embassy.


You can contact Embassy officer who will instruct you through step by step on submission with required documents and payment for mandatory fees. This procedure will require you to submit your original passport, recent passport size photographs, return flight ticket, hotel booking and tour package. Along with these documents, you have to pay compulsory visa fees, which must be paid in cash at Vietnam Embassy. The Embassy will take about 7 working days to process your Vietnam visa request. You will have your Vietnam visa in your hand before you leave for Vietnam. Unfortunately, there is no Vietnam Embassy in Tunisia now, therefore if you would like to get Vietnam visa on your passport before travelling, please visit nearby Vietnam Embassy in Italy or Greece. 


For any other supports, feel free to contact our support team at:




Hotline: +84969255515 (Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat)



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