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Feb, 2024

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How to get Vietnam E-visa, Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens

How to get Vietnam E-visa, Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens

By Vietnamvisavoa

Vietnam E-visa, the cheapest way to get Vietnam visa for Indian citizens to travel to Vietnam on tourism purpose

Vietnam e-visa is the cheapest and simplest option to get Vietnam visa for Indian. In this article, we will provide you necessary details that you need to know about Vietnam e-visa on Indian passport. 


What is Vietnam E-visa?


Vietnam Electronic Visa, often known as Vietnam E-visa, is a determined attempt of Vietnamese government to promote tourism. This new visa method allows applicants to apply for a visa within a short period of time without any extra preparation. It simplifies the procedures to enter Vietnam down to the smallest detail. Eligible applicants can apply for E-visa almost anywhere they wish with a good Internet connection.

In possession of E-visa, you are allowed stay in Vietnam  for 30- 90 days with single or multiple entry. This is a good catch for many people who want to Vietnam for the purpose of tourism. E-visa doesn’t require any letter of approval or additional payment for visa stamp as that of Vietnam visa on arrival. You only pay one time, get your  Vietnam e-visa via email and then to collect entry stamp on arrival. 

Good news is that Vietnam e-visa now is eligible for any citizens in all over the world who  own a valid passport.


Vietnam evisa for Indians 

Indian passport holders are in the list of Vietnam E-visa. This visa option was launch by Vietnam Government in 2017 to simplify Vietnam visa regulation and to promote Vietnam tourism. 
The official visa fee is fixed for all nationalities in the list (25USD for single entry and $50 US for multiple entry)
You can apply online for it by yourself or ask a third visa agency to apply on your behalf with extra service fee
You can enter Vietnam through 42 international ports (air, sea, and land)
The fee is non-refundable. If your  Vietnam evisa request is refused, the offical fee is non refundable.
Though applying for a Vietnam E-visa is simple, every applicant must be aware of those points as below: 

What you must know about Vietnam e-visa? 

• It is not possible to do any extensions for any Vietnam e-visa at the moment. In case you want to stay longer in Vietnam, you must leave Vietnam first and come back with a new Vietnam visa.
• Vietnam E-visa is only granted for foreigners outside of Vietnam. Means that if you are currently residing in Vietnam, your new Vietnam e-visa will not be granted.
• You must own a valid passport, any documents such as emergency passport, travel documents will not be accepted.
• You must not be subjected to suspension cases from entry under Article 21, Law No. 47/2014/QH13. In other words, you must not be in the restricted list of Vietnam Immigration Department. 

What to prepare before submitting a Vietnam e-visa application form

Before submitting your Vietnam e-visa application form, make sure the following documents are ready:
• A passport with a validity of at least six (06) months.
• A clear copy in .jpg format of your passport's full data bio/ front page.
• A passport-sized photo in .jpg format, without glasses/ specs.
• A valid international credit or debit card for making payment online. 
• A temporary address in Vietnam (Hotel, homestay or address of your family/relatives).
• Your expected entry and exit dates, as well as your point of entry and exit port. 
Also, you need to answer few questions in the form such as:
Your personal information 
Information about your Vietnam trip

How to apply Vietnam E-visa for Indian citizens

You can either submit your Vietnam e visa by yourself or get it done through a Vietnam visa agency. 

Option 1:  Submit Vietnam E-visa at the Vietnam Immigration Portal website (Nonrefundable option) 

Step 1: Submit Vietnam E visa application form 
Applicants access the official site of Vietnam Immigration Department  to fill out a visa application with required information. 
Once you complete this step, you will receive a verification code for updating your visa order status.
Step 2: Make payment for Visa order 
You are going to pay (25USD for single entry or 50 US for multiple entry) for Vietnam E visa service charge with your valid international card through a secured online payment gateway. 
Step 3: Download a copy of your E-visa
Enter your verification code, email and date of birth to download your E-visa after 3-5 working days. In many cases, you must wait for 5-7 working days even longer time if you must amend any details in Vietnam e visa application form.
Step 4: Travel to Vietnam with Vietnam E-visa 
Take with you a copy of Vietnam e visa and your valid passport to travel to Vietnam. For E-visa holders entering Vietnam through the airport, you will skip over the visa-on-arrival section and move straight forward to the passport control line to get an entry stamp on your passport.

Option 2. Get Vietnam e-visa for Indian from Vietnamvisavoa visa agency

If you want a free-hassle procedure and save up your time from filling up an application online, you can authorize this work to Vietnamvisavoa, we will take care of your Vietnam visa application from the beginning to final steps of your visa request and make sure that your Vietnam e visa is completed smoothly and correctly.
You will pay two fees: visa service fee and government fee. The additional service fee paid to us to benefit you by: 
+ Assisting you to fill up and complete your visa application online on your behalf.
+ Reviewing and consulting your visa case to make sure that you are eligible and your visa application is approved 
+ Directly dealing with the Immigration Department of Vietnam to submit your visa application and make sure that you will get your e-visa on time without any delay
+ Taking responsibility for any mistakes might occur by visa agencies when submitting your visa application 
+ Ensuring your smooth entry upon arrival with Vietnam  e visa issued with their services as provided.
The service fee for Vietnam e visa depends upon how urgent clients need their e visas get done. Here, we provide Vietnam e visa services with different options:
Vietnam E-visa Fee for Indian 2024 
Vietnam E-visa fee for Indian
Note: The availability of the urgent Vietnam e visa might change from time to time. It is recommended to contact us via Whatsapp at + 84 969 255 515 for updates. 
Required documents:
A clear copy/ scan of passport/ bio page (make sure your passport lasts for at least 6 months)
01 portrait photo (no glasses, no tank top, plain background)
Expected entry- exit date Arrival port
Email address
Applicants just need to send above required documents to our email address: or drop a message to our Whatsapp contact: + 84 969 255 515. 
Our support team will check your documents to see if they meet requirement before sending out a payment link back. You could pay for us by Credit Card/ Paypal/ Bank Transfer.
Once your Vietnam e-visa is granted by Vietnam Immigration, we would send you the document along with detail guidance via email. 
Finally you enter Vietnam with your valid Vietnam visa through registered checkpoint. 

Important notice when you apply for Vietnam e-visa

o Any single typing mistake in your Vietnam e-visa will prevent you from boarding your flight. Make sure that every detail is exact. 
o Kids who have their own passports are required to separately submit their e-visa application. Kids who are under 14 year old sharing their parent's passport are included in their parent's e-visa application. 
o A ready Vietnam E-visa must be shown to your airline to check in at departure airport. Showing a proof of PROCESSING Vietnam e visa is no use. 
What if you need to get a Vietnam visa urgently or you need to expedite your Vietnam visa request?
Contact us Vietnamvisavoa team and share with us your flight schedule and your passport copy. Our experienced and dedicated consultants will figure out the best solution for your specific case. 
Hassle free Vietnam visa service for Indians? 
Ring our phone at +84 969 255 515 (Whatsapp/ Viber/Wechat)
Email us at: 
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