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Aug, 2019

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How to get TT Vietnam visa and VR Vietnam visa ?

How to get TT Vietnam visa and VR Vietnam visa ?

By Kim Clara

In this post, we are going to guide you how to get TT Vietnam visa and VR Vietnam visa


For those whose relatives are Vietnamese passport holders or their relatives work in Vietnam, they are able to get TT and VR Vietnam visa. Let us share with you how to get these visa types.


1- Who can get TT  and VR Vietnam visa ?


- Visa TT is issued to foreigners who:

+ Are parents, spouse, children under 18 years of age of the foreigners issued with LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐ visas.

+ Are parents, spouse, and children of Vietnamese citizens.

The duration of TT visa is not longer than 12 months.

- Visa VR is issued to people who come to visit their relatives (grand parents, parents, spouse, and children) in Vietnam.

The duration of VR visa is not longer than 6 months.


2- Procedures to get Vietnam visa TT or Vietnam VR visa:


Apply online for a TT or VR Vietnam visa approval letter


Before entering Vietnam, applicants must apply for TT/ VR Vietnam visa approval letter which is granted by the Immigration Department which can be done within 1 week. To get TT/VR visa type, do contact our support team at:  hotline: +84969255515/ Email: for detail.


- The most required document for visa TT or visa VR is legal written document which proves the relationship between the invited individual and the applicants. That document can be: Certificate of birth, Certificate of marriage, Certificate of family relationship.


Picking up TT/ VR visa to enter Vietnam


Foreigners are normally granted to pick up Vietnam visa TT or visa VR either at overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam (Vietnam Embassy, Vietnam General Representative,…) or can pick up visa on arrival at Vietnam Int’l airports (Noi Bai airport- Ha Noi City, Da Nang airport- Da Nang City, Cam Ranh airport- Nha Trang City, Tan Son Nhat airport- Ho Chi Minh City). 


3- TT/ VR Vietnam visa extension, visa renewal, apply for TT Temporary residence card


Required documents


Once foreigners are in Vietnam and they wish to extend their stay, they either can extend their current visa or apply for Temporary Residence Card which lasts for 3 years. To apply for Temporary residence card, you must submit these documents:

- Application form (will be done by us)

- Origin passport with valid TT or VR visa

- Foreigners’ police registration of residential stay in Vietnam

- Enclosed documents which prove legal status of invited organization as prescribed by Vietnam’s law.


Processing time:


Within 5-7 working days.


For any other information or further request, please feel free to contact us:

Hotline: +84969255515




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