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Apr, 2019

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How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival ?

How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival ?

By Helena Nguyen

Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival through 4 simple steps with detail instruction. Getting Vietnam visa is never easy like this.

You are flying into Vietnam for business purpose or just for spending your holiday in beautiful Vietnam and you want to find the most  simple and easy way to apply for Vietnam visa? Vietnam visa on arrival will meet your expectation as the procedure is just straightforward and Vietnam visa online costs is much lower. You would wonder how Vietnam visa  on arrival work ? Let us  walk you through 4 simple steps to get Vietnam visa on arrival as below:


Step 1: Submit Vietnam visa application form online


The first step is to submit a secure Vietnam visa application form online. You will need to fill in your personal information such as: Full name, Nationality, Date of Birth… exactly as they are indicated on your passport. In this step, you need to choose your Vietnam visa type according to its duration: 1 month single/ 1 month multiple/ 3 months single/ 3 months multiple, the purpose: Tourism/ business, the entry/exit date of your trip.


In case, there is more than 1 applicant in the visa request, you should put all applicants of your group into 1 Vietnam visa application form in order to save time on submitting the visa request. Moreover, you will be offered a big discount on service fee for your group.


Step 2: Review information and pay service fee


After filling in Vietnam visa application form, it is time for you to double check your detail such as full name, nationality; you can make any necessary amendment before paying for visa service fee.

Pay service fee: Service fee is paid to us in order to do all procedure on your behalf to get your Vietnam visa approval letter issued at Vietnam Immigration Department. There are different options for making payment for service fee such as: Credit Card/ Paypal/ Western Union/ Bank Transfer. 


Once we receive the service fee from you, we would submit your Vietnam visa request at Vietnam Immigration Department and it would take you: 1 working day for urgent service or 2 working days for normal service to get ready for a tourist visa letter for regular nationalities.


Note: For business visa purpose or visa orders submitted by special nationalities such as: Turkish, Pakistan, Bangladesh…it takes within 5 working days to issue the visa approval letter.

In urgent cases, we are able to have your Vietnam visa done within some working hours with extra fee.


Step 3: Receive Vietnam visa approval letter


Once the visa approval letter is issued by Vietnam Immigration, we will send a copy of this document, Vietnamese visa application form and detail instruction on what to prepare, which steps to follow at airports and to get Vietnam visa stamp upon arrival. You are advised to double check the details in the Vietnam visa approval letter to make sure that information is exact. Then you print out the documents, check in your plane and fly to Vietnam.


Step 4: Receive Vietnam visa stamp at landing airport


Once you reach Vietnam International airports (Noi Bai/ Tan Son Nhat/ Da Nang/ Cam Ranh/Cat Bi), you head to Vietnam visa on arrival/Landing visa, submit your documents includes: Vietnam visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form, 2 passport photos, passport and stamping fee to Immigration officer. Wait for a few minutes and your name will be called out, you will collect your passport with a Vietnam visa page sticker on your passport. 




  • Passport requirement: Your passport expiration date must be at least 6 month from the date of entry to Vietnam. Original passport is not replaceable.
  • Visa fee: It is compulsory to pay 2 kinds of fees: Service fee and Stamping fee when you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.
  • Type of visa: In the first step, you need to choose the most suitable type of visa for your purpose. A single entry Vietnam visa on arrival allows you to enter Vietnam only once during your visa validity, a multiple visa gives you permission for entering and exiting Vietnam as many times as you wish whiles your visa is still valid.
  • Entry date: It is the estimated date of your arrival and exit date is understood in the same way. Remember that you cannot enter Vietnam before the entry date printed on your visa letter and you must exit Vietnam before expiration date.
  • Purpose of visit: For visa on arrival, you only could choose tourist or business visa. If you wish to get other different visa types, you are recommended to contact Vietnam Embassy/Consulate abroad.
  • Personal detail: Please note down exactly the same information as in your passport.


If you still have any questions about Vietnam visa on arrival, feel free to talk to our support team at:

Phone: +84969255515


Welcome you to Vietnam!


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