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Jul, 2019

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How much does English teachers earn in Vietnam ?

How much does English teachers earn in Vietnam ?

By Kim Clara


Are you seeking for a chance  to travel and work in Vietnam? Why not becoming an English teacher in Vietnam with so many fascinating benefits ?

Teaching English in Vietnam become popular for most expats. When English is an international language and the demand for learning English in Vietnam is on the rise , the number of English speakers in Vietnam increases incredibly.

More importantly, English teachers in Vietnam earn a very attractive income is the condition for many expats choose to stay in Vietnam and work as a English teacher.



English teaching salary in Vietnam

In general, an English teacher in Vietnam can earn from US$800 to over US$2,000 a month depend upon the number of teaching hours and his/her qualification as well as their appearance. Let say that, a native English speaker, if they teach regularly, they are able to earn US$2,500/ month. This income will be the luxury dream of millions of Vietnamese. Accordingly,  this teaching job brings a comfortable life to expats in Vietnam. The cost of renting an accommodation makes up the majority. In addition, other costs such as food, transportation and other services are also lower than most of countries in the region. Hence, with that salary, English teachers can cover all living expense and save their earnings for travel easily.

As global integration is essential for Vietnam as other countries, demands for learning English and opportunities for English teacher are increasing. It is easily recognized a huge job opportunity for every foreigner considering Vietnam for working or just traveling. For high-qualified and confidential English teachers, they always find a job with best conditions and attractive salary.

Even many travelers prefer living in Vietnam for a short period, teaching English in Vietnam, yet, their favorite, especially teaching English in kindergartens and English language centers. Even for many expats, they can earn money in Vietnam as English teacher for a few months and then save money to continue travelling or coming back home easily.

For those who are inexperience, they choose to be private tutor, give private lesson to one or some students in their hourse. Others could find teaching jobs pretty simple in English language centers or schools.

For preparation of curriculum, teachers do not have much things to do, the school need to create teaching schedule based on the curriculum and reference materials, teacher just need to perform it. Other activities in the class will be added to attract students's attention.

Teaching hours in Vietnam is about 40 hours per week for a full-time teacher, including 20 hours for teaching, and for preparing curriculum. A part-time teacher spends about 11-12 hours per week, and he or she will be assigned at least three classes per week.

What certificate is required ?

It was said that foreign teachers were obliged to get a TESOL or CELTA in other countries before arriving in Vietnam. However, these days, they can get those certificates in Vietnam relatively simple. TESOL and CELTA which are issued in Vietnam also have the same validity as certificates issued in other countries.


Furthermore, the charge for CELTA and TESOL in Vietnam are much lower than in the U.S. Enrolling the course for one month with just $ US 1.500, you will get all theoretical and practical tests as well as certificate.


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