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Mar, 2020

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Hanoi night market

Hanoi night market

By Thao Le

Visiting Hanoi night market is one of the most exiting activities that you should not miss. Especially on the weekend, night market become more vibrant and lively. This market is really amazing spot that you not only can buy goods, but also you find many authentic food. Let’s explore!

Where and when is Hanoi night market?

Every Saturday and Sunday, Hanoi night market is held and it attracts a lot of both foreigners and locals for discovering nightlife and shopping around. It is a great place to take a stroll around a thousand of roadside stalls and food vendors. Normally, this market will open from 6pm to 11pm and start from Hang Dao Street to end at the Dong Xuan market gate.

You can also visit Old Quarter in the daylight on the weekend when all vehicles are prohibited and this place is just used for walking and selling. 

What to do in Hanoi night market? 



Hanoi night market

There are plethora of stalls selling a ton of amazing and interesting products. This is a great place that you can find something to bring back your country, ranging from handicrafts, porcelain, accessories and many more. Besides, there are traditional and cultural activities that you can attend to get insight into Vietnam customs.

If you are finding gifts or souvenirs, you should look no further than this night market. The mementoes sold here are the most sought after ones such as Vietnamese dress (Ao Dai), paintings and many other beautiful things.



Hanoi night market

Your trip will not be perfect without trying out a ton of delicious street food courts along the street. This is a great place that you can enjoy all of authentic traditional dishes of Vietnam including Vietnamese noodles (chicken, beef, pork and seafood), bun cha (grilled pork with noodles), Vietnamese bread and many other superb dishes. Moreover, those dishes. 

The entertainment 


hanoi night market

Walking around the Old Quarter, you can catch live performance live: singing, dancing or some works of art. You can expect to watch Vietnamese traditional performance such as: musical ones, reformed theater and some others. This is a good chance to for tourists to get an insight in Vietnamese culture. 

Moreover, you should not miss Ta Hien Street where you can treat yourself a fresh beer with reasonable price. You also can join with locals in some small bars with live music and slight food.

Tips to getting around


  • The market is really crowded so you should be careful with pick-pockets
  • There is no vehicle allowed to go inside so remember to park your vehicles outside the market 
  • You can bargain for the best price. However always be nice and friendly.





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