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Jul, 2019

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 Experience about Vietnam visa on arrival from a Pakistani backpacker

Experience about Vietnam visa on arrival from a Pakistani backpacker

By Kim Clara

How Vietnam visa on arrival really work out for Pakistani ? Let read about the real experience from a famous Pakistani backpacker, Mr Ahmed Kanjoo

Having provided Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) service over many years, we have had great chances to support a large number of clients from different nationals. In this article, we are pleased to share one of first-hand experience from a Pakistani traveler who used our service, so that you will see how Vietnam visa on arrival simply work out with Pakistani passport holder. By doing so, traditionally getting Vietnam visa beforehand via  the Vietnam Embassy in Pakistan is not only way to obtain visa to Vietnam.


“When I planned a visit to Vietnam last year in November, it was certainly a few months ahead of time planning.


I tried to shop around within Pakistan, and the cheapest quote for Vietnam Visa I could get was Rs. 25000 ($240) which is definitely too much to spend only for visa. Then I bumped into a girl who posted a blog for Vietnam Visa for Pakistani passports. I contacted her and when I looked at her Facebook profile, it was amazing that we had some mutual friends, mostly travelers from my side. It means she was already helping out people from my side... I asked her to quote me for VOA letter, her quote was at that time $115, still cheaper than others and then $25 at airport so the price of visa alone was too much whether one gets from Embassy or online.. So I decided to look for some alternative options but then sometimes in December she posted her big Friday discount deal and I then begged her again for even more and it worked. She said it would take around 1 week to get visa approval letter for my passport once the payment is made. But it was instant in my case.


I then shared such VOA letter with Air Asia if I would be able travel to Vietnam on Pakistani passport with such? And whether an OK TO BOARD would be needed? It appeared that this letter was enough, but being a Pakistani who has been tested dozens of times by immigration and flights staffs, I for my own protection asked the Vietnamese embassy in Islamabad if this VOA letter was authentic to travel and once they assured, I kept their email print with the rest of documents in case I am confronted.

Now the second part

When I boarded my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Padang (Indonesia) the Airasia wanted to see my return (out) flight. I had my flight out from Jakarta to Ho Chi Minh City and then after searching my passport the Air Asia girl said where is the visa for Vietnam, I showed her VOA document and she was OK after seeing that so I already knew that this VOA is well known among them. So again when I boarded from Jakarta to Ho Chi Minh City, there were no questions about it.


When I finally landed at Ho Chi Minh City day before yesterday, I went to "Landing Visa" counter, now here I must thank the visa girl Thu Nguyen for helping me in details, so I had all the documents printed already which she urged me beforehand. For instance if you don't have Vietnam Landing Visa Application form printed with you, the immigration would sell this one piece of paper to you for $5 and if you don't have 2 photographs they would do it for another $5 ... So when I went to the counter with all the documents attached together, he scanned my passport, and took only visa on arrival document and filled application form.. All the rest like air ticket and hotels, etc were returned, not even a question like purpose of visit or how many days, absolutely nothing.


He said wait until your name is called and passed my documents to the girl sitting at his back on desk. I guess it was less than 5 minutes I heard my name from cashier counter, I had the loose $25, I paid and he handed me the passport. I walked then to the immigration which is located on right side of "Landing Visa", almost empty at 'foreign passports' and here also, they don't have things like finger scans or face capture, NO questions whatsoever, just stamped and done.


I walked out of airport as I had nothing to declare. This whole thing was smooth as silk."

His experience is shared on Facebook named Pakistan backpackers group:

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