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Jul, 2019

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Apply for business visa to Vietnam

Apply for business visa to Vietnam

By Kim Clara

If one businessman is not holding an APEC card or he is from the country which has no Vietnam visa exemption, he must apply for a Vietnam business visa in order to do business activities inside of Vietnam. We are going to share with you details about getting Vietnam business visa.

Vietnam not only attracts foreigners for its beautiful sceneries but its growing business invites wise businessmen from all over the world. Vietnam business visas are granted to applicants who are visiting Vietnam for business activities and there are different categorized: DN, LV, DT. A Vietnam business visa could have different validity: 1 month single/multiple, 3 months single/ multiple, 6 months multiple, 1 year multiple entry visas. 

How to apply for Vietnam business visa?

A Vietnam business visa can be obtained in 2 ways:
1. Applying for Vietnam business visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your residence. 
2. Applying for Vietnam business visa online to get Vietnam visa on arrival
Depend upon how easier it is for applicant, they can either choose Embassy or online service. As a business person, one usually does have short notice about the business trip abroad; therefore online application is much preferable.
Getting business visa at Vietnam Embassy is also a good option if you can manage time. However, whenever business visa is requested at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates, the applicants are required to submit a letter of entry clearance from the Ministry of Public Security obtained by the business partner in Vietnam and the fact is that Vietnamese partners are not willing to get this document for you as it is so cumbersome.
You could get further details about Vietnam visa business process as below:

1. Applying for Vietnam business visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate

The requirements of business visa may vary in different places but most of them will require the following documents:
Original passport: Your passport must be validity for at least 06 months since the departure with at least 1 visa page left. If there is no blank visa page available on the passport, no worries!  A loose-leaf visa will be issued upon arrival but keep this visa page carefully.
Application form: The form is downloadable at official website of Embassies/ Consulates. You can also collect it directly at their office. The form must be filled in, signed and attached with 01 passport photo of the applicant.
Letter of entry clearance: The business partner in Vietnam will support you to get this letter in Vietnam. 
Visa fee: Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in different places has their own price for different visa type, different nationalities. To get exact information, you are advised to contact them directly.
Method: The Vietnam visa application form can be submitted in person at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate or by post.
Processing time: Within 5- 7 working days (excluding weekend and national holidays) you will be able to collect Vietnam business visa.

2. Applying for Vietnam business visa online to get visa on arrival

Besides getting business Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate, you are able to get Vietnam business visa online easily. At, we not only provide 24/7 consultancy service but also we offer very competitive charge for Vietnam business visa letter.

Procedure to apply for Vietnam business visa online

1. Client submit their business Vietnam visa request at  our website: or simply they just need to send  their passport page to our email: with their expected entry and exit date
2. Our support team will check the document validity and will send to client our payment method to pay for Vietnam visa fee. 
3. The visa approval letter is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department and we will send to client’s email within 3-5 business days.
4. Clients bring with them Vietnam visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form, passport photo and stamping fee in cash to Vietnam Airport.
5. Clients get Vietnam visa stamped on the passport upon Vietnam International airports: Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh), Da Nang, Nha Trang.

Requirements for business Vietnam visa application

Passport copy: The front page of your passport which has your personal detail and your photo
Proposal entry date: The Vietnam visa will come to effect on this date and it lasts for 1 month, 3 month, 6 months even 1 year depend upon your visa type. However, you are allowed to enter Vietnam at any date within your Vietnam visa validity. Therefore, if you do not know exactly your entry and exit date, you can choose tentative dates.
Price: Whenever you apply for Vietnam visa online, you would need to pay 2 compulsory fees: service fee and stamping fee.
Service fee: This fee is paid when you submit the Vietnam visa will with Vietnam Immigration on your behalf to get a Vietnam visa approval letter issued for you. 
Stamping fee: This fee is paid in cash directly at Vietnam Airport so that Immigration officer will stamp a Vietnam visa on your passport once you reach landing visa area.
Vietnam visa fee


It is usually crowded at landing visa area at Vietnam International airports especially at Tan Son Nhat and Noi Bai. If you wish to get through procedure quickly, it is most recommended that you book our extra service, Fast Track service. Instead of waiting in long queues after tiring flights, you just wait outside, let our staff welcome you at airport and he will take his responsibility to collect Vietnam visa stamped in a jiffy.
For any other questions about getting business visa for Vietnam , we are happy to hear from you at:
Hotline: +84969255515 (Whatsapp/ Viber/ Wechat)
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