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Dec, 2019

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5 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption - Complete guidance

5 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption - Complete guidance

By Kim Clara

By Decision No. 82/2015/NĐ-CP issued on 24th September, 2015 about Visa exemption, Vietnam now provide 5 year visa free certificate for Oversea Vietnamese or foreigner who has wife, husband or children of Vietnamese people. This article covers all aspects related to this type of visa exemption.


Who Is Eligible For 5-Year Vietnam Visa Exemption?


Not everyone is eligible for this visa exemption. 5 year free-visa certificate is only granted those who are:


  • Overseas Vietnamese who include both the one having foreign passport and the one only having Permanent Residence Card.
  • Foreigners who are spouses, children of Vietnamese people, living in Vietnam or residing abroad.


What Are Benefits Of 5-Year Vietnam Visa Exemption?


Being granted 5 year visa exemption, you can enjoy the best among these included:


No visa required to travel to Vietnam within 5 years: Once you can obtain such visa exemption, there is no need to apply Vietnam visa again. For each entry, you are permitted to continuously stay for 180 days, however.


Saving visa cost: you definitely spend a huge amount of money to apply for your short-term visas within the period of 5 years. Therefore, paying once time for such type of visa exemption is cheaper option for those are qualified to get it.


With 5-year visa exemption, you are permitted to stay up to 180 days for each entry. After this limited duration of stay, you are required to leave Vietnam in order to theoretically stay another 180 days here in Vietnam. If you wish to not exit the country, you are able to extend your visa exemption for 3 months in maximum.


Types Of 5-Year Vietnam Certificate Of Visa Exemption


5-year Vietnam certificate of visa exemption is divided into 2 types: sticker and loose leaf certificate of visa exemption.


Stamped Certificate: It will be glued directly in your passport. This type is granted for those who are foreigners or Vietnamese settling down abroad and having foreign passport.​


           5 year visa exemption stamped certificate

 Stamped Certificate


Detached Certificate: This type is provided for those who are Vietnamese settling abroad but only having Permanent Residence Card or foreigners coming from countries or territories which don’t have diplomatic relation with Vietnam. People who are in the list of sticker certificate also get loose leaf one if there is no blank page in their passport.



Detached Certificate


Visa exemption stamp is obtained for each individual. Kids who are on their parent’s passport will get the visa exemption along with their parents.


Basic Documents required to get 5-Year Vietnam Visa Exemption


The basic required documents vary between overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who are spouses, children of Vietnam citizens.


If you are overseas Vietnamese, you have to prepare following documents:


  • 01 application form for visa exemption certificate
  • 2 recently-taken color passport photos (4x6cm) (white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses).
  • Foreign passport or an international travel document or Permanent Residence Card in foreign country which is valid for at least 01 year.
  • Documents to prove that you are granted for Vietnam visa exemption (the copy ones) (if you have): A certificate of Vietnamese citizenship; A Vietnamese passport (valid or expired); An Identity Card (valid or expired); A Birth Certificate; A Family Registration Book; The latest voter registration card; A copy of Decision for restoration or renunciation of Vietnamese nationality; A copy of the Decision to renounce Vietnamese nationality); Certificate of Loss Vietnamese nationality.


In case you are foreigners who are spouses or children of Vietnamese people, you need to have following documents:


  • 01 application form for visa exemption certificate
  • 02 recently-taken color (4*6 cm) (white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses)
  • Foreign passport or International travel document with at least 1-year validity.
  • One of following documents which prove relationship between you and Vietnam citizen: Marriage Registration; Birth Certificate; Adoption Certificate; A Certificate of relationship with father, mother, children; Other valid documents as regulated by the Vietnamese Law.


You should take note and double check these documents to avoid hassles when getting 5-year Vietnam visa exemption.


What Is Process Of Getting 5-Year Vietnam Visa Exemption?


As long as you have all documents as required in the above section, you are entitled to apply for 5-year Vietnam visa exemption.


If you are in Vietnam, you can submit the visa exemption file in our office or we can collect it from you. We will represent you to work with Vietnam Immigration Department to get the visa exemption. After 5 working days, you will receive certificate of Vietnam visa exemption.


In case you are abroad, you can submit all the visa exemption documents at the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your place. The processing time is 5 working days including time to transfer your visa documentation to Immigration Department in Vietnam; time to consider and response about your request between Immigration Department in Vietnam and the competent office issuing Vietnam visa in the country you are living; and time to issue your certificate of Vietnam visa exemption.


To validate 5 year visa exemption, you are required to exit Vietnam after receiving a 5 year visa stamp on your passport (applied for foreigners living inside Vietnam)



How To Renew 5-Year Vietnam Visa Exemption?


In case your certificate of 5-year visa exemption is lost, expired, damaged or you want to change your exemption information, you can definitely renew it at the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in country you are settling or Immigration Department of Vietnam.


To do this you have to submit for the above offices a file which requests renewing your visa exemption including following documents:


  • A foreign passport or international travel documents or Permanent Residence Card in foreign country which is valid for at least 01 year.
  • 02 recent-taken color photos (4*6cm) (white background, straight face, bare head, no color glasses)


Depending each specific situation, you will need some additional documents.


  • In case you lost your visa exemption certificate, you must fill in a Report of 5-year visa exemption certificate loss.
  • If your visa exemption is expired or damaged, your document must include original or copy of the old certificate of 5-year visa exemption
  • And if you would like to change your exemption details, the additional procedures are original or copy of the old certificate of 5-year visa exemption and documents that prove the accuracy of information you want to adjust.


How To Do Vietnam Temporary Residence Card With 5-Year Vietnam Visa Exemption?


One disadvantage of 5-year Vietnam visa exemption is that you have to extend your exemption after each 180-day staying. Thus you don’t want spend time for this process, you can absolutely do Vietnam Temporary Residence Card to stay in Vietnam until 3 years.


With 5-year visa exemption, you will need some documents to apply Vietnam Temporary Residence Card. They are:


  • Original passport
  • 02 4*6cm photo with white background
  • Information form for a temporary residence card (form NA8)
  • Vietnam entry dispatch as per visiting relatives type (in case you are overseas Vietnamese)


You will submit all above document to Vietnam Immigration Department by yourself or through an agent which is on behalf of you. After 5-7 working days you can get your Vietnam Temporary Residence Card.

If you still have any concerns about 5-year Vietnam visa exemption, you can kindly leave comments below or contact directly with us via email We are always pleased to support you.


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